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IV. Miscellaneous Unidentified Pen and Ink Drawings. ca. 1880-1900.

[Set of drawings depicting children]
8 pen and ink wash monotones; one of them bears the caption, "Dolly's ride." (Title in the Little Worker Series?)
MS Box 5 Folders 389-396

[Set of drawings depicting objects]
5 drawings: Jug; Desk; Lamp; Kettle/pie plate;Vase/bell.
MS Box 5 Folders 397-401

[Set of designs for printing ornaments]
2 drawings.
MS Box 5 Folders 402-403

[Set of drawings depicting structures]
2 drawings: Windmill; Lighthouse.
MS Box 5 Folders 404-405

[Set of drawings depicting characters from the same book?]
5 drawings (names taken from handwritten captions): Jonesy; Keith MacIntyre; Billy Lewis; Elise Walton; Alison Walton.
MS Box 5 Folders 406-410

[Set of drawings portraying a girl in a landscape scene for a cover design]
2 drawings
OS Box 21 Folders 495-496

[Set of drawings apparently by the same artist]
10 drawings: Children--3 drawings; Household items--3 drawings; Boats--4 drawings
OS Box 21 Folders 497-501; OS Box 22 Folders 502-506

[Set of drawings apparently by the same artist]
5 drawings (identified by handwritten captions): "The sailor boy"; "Like summer skies"; "Pretty green meadows"; "A weelbarrow [sic] ride"--2 drawings
MS Box 5 Folders 411-415

[Set of drawings apparently by the same artist]
4 drawings: 3 drawings of a boy and girl; 1 drawing of a man and woman
OS Box 22 Folders 507-510

[Set of drawings apparently by the same artist]
4 drawings: House; Ostrich; Donkey; Boy and girl chasing butterfly
OS Box 22 Folders 511-514

[Set of drawings apparently by the same artist]
9 drawings; no title known; 1 drawing inscribed 3/12/1888: Girl with sleeping bat; 2 Dogs; Large birds; Child, snake, cat; Woman on horseback; Monkey, cat, dog; African women preparing food; 4 children with donkey; 2 children and birdcage (dated 3/12/1888)
OS Box 22 Folders 515-523

[Set of drawings for an unidentified title]
3 drawings: all three bear inkstamp of Cassell Publishing Co.
Captions: "The king's son"; "The father's legacies"; "The golden castle of Stromberg"
OS Box 22 Folders 524-526

[Set of drawings for an unidentified title]
5 drawings: 1 of cover "edition de luxe"; 1 border fragment; 3 title page frame designs printed and sketched
OS Box 22 Folders 527-528; OS Box 23 Folders 529-531

[Set of drawings for an unidentified title]
8 large drawings with captions; feature a man in frock coat and top hat. (Looks Dickensian.)
OS Box 23 Folders 532-539

[Pen and ink drawings probably by various artists]
5 drawings: Two knights and a lady (signed: B); Three men and a sailboat; Nassau Hall, Princeton University; George Washington telling the truth about the cherry tree; The Merrimac and the Monitor
MS Box 5 Folders 416-420

Old woman on horse (caption: Old story of Mrs. Howard)
OS Box 23 Folder 540

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