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Worcester Portrait Photographs Collection


Worcester Portrait Photographs Collection Inventory

Includes Cabinet (C), Standard (S) and Folio (F) sizes


Abbe, Clifford, with corn cob pipe radio, 1924 (S)
Abbot, William (C)
Abercrombie, Daniel Webster, b. 1853 (C)
Adams, Dr. George A. (S)
Adams, Rev. John G. (S)
*Aiken, Alfred Lawrence, 1870-1946 (S)
Ainsworth, Mrs. Henry L. (S)
Aldrich, Charles F. (C)
Aldrich, Fred D. (S)
*Aldrich, Peleg Emory, 1813-1895 (1 C, 2 S)
Allen, Charles, 1827-1913 (4) (4 C, 4 S)
Allen, Charles Lucius b. 1858 (S)
Allen, George, 1792-1883 (C)
Allen, George L. with group of men outside of shop (S)
Allen, J. Frank (C)
Allen, Samuel (4 S)
Allen, Mrs. Samuel, 1865(S)
Allen, William, 1825-1906 (C)
Allen, William Powell, 1851-1906 (C)
Armsby, Henry P., Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1871(S)
Athy, Andrew (S)
Atwood, Wallace Walter, 1872-1949 (3 S)


* Bacon, Peter Child, 1804-1886 (C, S)
Baker, Zephaniah, 1815-1894 (F)
* Baldwin, Christopher Columbus, 1800-1835 (4 C, 4 S)
* Baldwin, John Denison, 1809-1883 (4 S)
Baldwin, John Stanton, 1834-1909 (S)
Baldwin, Rose, 1882-1893 (2 C)
Baldwin, Katherine Torrey, b. 1869 (C)
Ball, Richard (S)
Ballou Adin, 1803-1890 (S)
* Bancroft, Aaron, 1755-1839 (2 S, 1 F)
* Bancroft, George, 1800-1891 (1 C, 4 S)
Bancroft, Lucretia, 1765-1839 (F)
Bancroft, Timothy W., 1837-1890 (2 S)
* Bangs, Edward Dillingham, 1790-1838 (1 C, 3 S)
Bangs, Mary Grosvenor (1800-1864), later Salisbury (3 S)
Banister, S [or Bannister] (S)
Baldwell, Everett J., Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1871 (S)
Barker, James M. (C)
Barless, N. [painting] (C)
Barnard, Eliza (C)
Barnard, J. (S)
Barnard, Lewis (3 S)
Barnard, Mrs. Lewis (S)
Barnard, Mary Flora (3 C)
Barnard, Mary Flora, with unidentified woman (C)
Bartlett, Lyman (C)
Bartlett, William H. (C)
Barton, Blake (S)
Barton, Charles A. (S)
* Barton, Edmund M., 1838-1918 (1 C, 3 S see also COLTON C) Barton, Mrs. Edmund M. (C)
Barton, George Sumner, 1825-1891 (S)
* Barton, Ira Moore, 1796-1867 (2 C, 5 S)
Barton, Lydia (C)
* Barton, William Sumner, 1824-1899 (C)
Bateman, Frederick W., Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1871 (S)
Bates, Arthur (C)
Bates, Edward, b. 1865 (2 C)
Bates, George (2 C, 1 S)
Bates, Theodore C., 1843-1912 (C)
Bemis, Merrick, 1820-1904 (2 C)
Bemis, Nathaniel T. (S)
Benchley, Edmund N. (S)
Bickford, William M., 1805/6-1863 (2 S)
Bicknell, Albert A. (C)
* (resigned) Bigelow, Abijah, 1775-1860 (3 S)
Bigelow, S. (S)
Bigelow, Walter R. (2 S)
Billings, Henry (C)
Billings, William R., Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1871 (S)
Bisco, Edward (S)
Blake, Elizabeth Caroline Richardson (Mrs. Francis E.) (S)
Blake, Francis E., 1839-1916 (3 S, including one with his twin, Frederic Dana Blake)
Blake, Frederick Dana . See BLAKE, FRANCIS E. (S)
Blake, Fred H. with bicycle (S)
Blake, Harrison Grey Otis (c.1816-1898) (3 S, including one with his wife)
* Blakeslee, George Hubbard, 1871-1954 (C)
Bliss, Mrs. Edward M. (S)
Blood, T. Heywood (C)
* Bolton, Charles Knowles, 1867-1950 (S)
Bowen, George, 1802-1871, [leather dealer] (C)
Boyden, Elbridge, 1810-1898 (S)
Boyden, George (S)
Boynton, John, 1791-1867 (S)
Bradley, J. E. (C)
Bradley, Osgood (1 C, 2 S)
Bradley, [first name unknown] (C)
Braman, Herbert D., d. 1919 (2 C)
Breaker, Rev. John C.
Breck, Moses T. (2 S)
* Brigham, Clarence Saunders, 1877-1963 (4 C, 6 S, 3 F)
Brigham, David Trowbridge, 1806-1865 (1 C, 2 S)
Brown, [first name unknown] (S)
Brown, James Stewart, 1837-1912 (C)
Brown, Sarah Theo. (C)
Bullard, William (S)
Bullen, Chester (S)
* Bullock, Alexander Hamilton, 1816-1882 (1 C, 1 S)
* Bullock, Alexander Hamilton, Jr., 1874-1962 (C)
* Bullock, Augustus George, 1847-1926 (1 C, 1 F)
* Bullock, Chandler, 1872-1962 (1 C, 2 S)
Bullock, Rockwood Hoar (3 C)
Burbank, J.L. (S)
Burgess, Francis Guild, 1856-1935 (2 C)
Burgess, Francis Guild, 1856-1935 with baby Evelyn, b. 1893 (C)
* Burnside, Samuel McGregor, 1783-1850 (2 S)
Burritt, Elihu, 1810-1879 (2 S)
Bushee, James, 1805-1888 (C)
Butler, George L.P. (S)
Butler, John Simpkins (S)
Butler, John Vernon (C)
Butman, Benjamin, 1787-1872 (4 S)
Byron, Oliver (C)


Chalone, Walter L., Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1871 (S)
Chamberlain, Elizabeth F. P. (C)
Chamberlain, George, 1806-1893 (C)
Chamberlain, Henry Harmon, 1813-1899 (5 S)
Chamberlain, John H. (S)
Chamberlain, Robert Horace, 1838-1910 (C)
Chamberlain, Thomas (4 S)
Chandler, Elizabeth Frink, 1740-1771 (Mrs. Theophilus Chandler) (S)
* Chandler, George, 1806-1893 (1 C, 3 S)
Chandler, Mrs. George (S)
Chandler, John, 1720-1800, (2 S)
Chandler, John, d. c. 1810 [after engraving] (C)
Chandler, Mary, age 13, [later Mrs. A. George Bullock) (C)
Chandler, Mary Gleason, 1752-1789 (Mrs. Winthrop Chandler) (S)
Chandler, Theophilus, 1732-1816, after painting (S)
Chandler, Winthrop, 1747-1790, after painting (S)
* Chapin, Henry, 1811-1878 (C)
Chase, Anthony, 1791-1879 (5 S)
* Chase, Charles Augustus, 1833-1911 (2 C, 1 S)
Chase, Sarah Earle with Normal School Teachers, Norfolk VA, 1865, copy. Image also includes Lucy Chase (1822-1909); Mrs. Smith; Betty Wilson (Mrs. George Wilson); Lydia Brown; .Our cook;. Martha Chase (d. 1909); .Our beloved maid. Jennie Johnson; Miss L. from Pennsylvania; Hattie Roosevelt Smith; and Mary Collins of Philadelphia. (S)
Cheever, Henry T., 1814-1897 (S)
Choller, John D. (S)
Clapp, Levi (S)
Clark, Alice (C)
Clark, Fanny (C)
Clark, Fanny Ayer [Mrs. J.H. Clark] (2 C, one a group of four incl. younger Fanny)
Clark, Fred M., Jr. (C)
Clark, Watson (C)
* Clark, William Irving (1879-1958) (C)
Clark, Mrs. William Irving, after 1908 painting(S)
Clark, William C. [hotel keeper] (C)
Clark, William L. (S)
Clarke, Frances Ayers, with parrot (Mrs. Josiah H. Clarke) (S)
Clarke, Henry, 1824-1880 (C)
Clarke, Josiah H. (1 C, 1 S by William Willard)
Cleveland, Ann Goddard (Mrs. Edwin C. Cleveland) (S)
Cleveland, Clarence E., 1865-1930 (S)
Cleveland, Edwin C. (S)
Clifford, Edward L., c. 1950 (S)
* Cluverius, Wat Tyler, 1874-1952 (S)
Coes, Loring, 1812-1907 (1 F, 1 S)
Coes, John with W.H. Raymenton, in Mexico (C)
Cogswell, Mary Louisa Trumbull (Mrs. Edwin Melville Roberts), 1861-1955 (S)
Coleman, George S. (S)
Collins, Carl I. (S)
Colton, Ann K. [Mrs. Samuel H.] (C)
Colton, Elizabeth [Mrs. Samuel H.] (C)
* Colton, Reuben, 1855-1936 (1 C, 1 S)
* Colton, Reuben, 1855-1936 with *Edmund M. Barton, 1838-1918 (C)
Colton, S. B. [nurseryman] (C)
Colton, Samuel H., b. 1857 (1 C, 1 S)
Colton, Mrs. Samuel H. (S)
Conant, Elizabeth A. (C)
Converse, Eva M. (S)
Corbett, Oris (S)
Coulson, John (S)
Crompton, George, 1796-1856 (C)
Cross, Fanny (C)
* Cross, William, 1822-1880, taken June 29, 1847(2 S)
Curtis, [unknown] (C)
Curtis, Albert, 1807-1897 (1 C, 1 S)
Curtis, John, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, 1871 (S)
Cutler, E. (S)
Cutting, Frank W. (S)
Cutting, Louise, 1938 (S)


Dana, Henshaw (2 C, 1 S)
Dancereau, Eva (C)
Davies, Thomas Frederick (S)
Davis, A. Otis (C)
Davis, Alice W. Paine (Mrs. James C. Davis) (2 S)
Davis, Arthur E. (C)
Davis, Belle (C)
Davis, Charles, 1835-1897 (3 C)
* Davis, Edward Livington, 1834-1912 (1 C, 1 S)
Davis, Mrs. Edward Livingston with son *Livingston, 1882-1932 (C)
Davis, Florence (C)
* Davis, Isaac 1799-1883 (4 S)
* Davis, John, 1787-1854 (1 C, 6 S)
Davis, Mrs. John (6 S)
* Davis, John Chandler Bancroft, 1822-1907 (S)
* Davis, Livingston, 1882-1932.See DAVIS, MRS. (C)
Davis, Mary Holman Estabrook, 1807-1875, (Mrs. Isaac Davis) (S)
Davis, Samuel (S)
Denny, Austin, 1795-1830 (S)
* Devens, Charles, 1820-1891 (4 S)
* Dewey, Francis Henshaw, 1856-1933 (S)
* Dewey, Francis Henshaw, Jr., 1887-1974 (S)
Dewitt, Alexander, 1798-1879 (S)
Dickinson, Thomas A. (C)
Dixon, Sarah (C)
Dodge, Thomas H., 1823-1910 (S)
Dodge, Mrs. Phineas H (?)(S)
Doe, Charles H. (1 C, 1 S . both by William Willard)
Dorr, Enos (2) [possibly Dow?] (S)
* Dresser, Frank Farnham, 1872-1924 (S)
Drew, Charles A. (S)
Drew, Thomas [verso has graphite drawing of temperance cartoon] (S)


Earle, Mrs. Edward (S)
Earle, John Milton, 1794-1874 (1 C, 3 S)
Earle, Lucy (1 C, 3 S)
Earle, Oliver K. (S)
Earle, Sarah Brown [Mrs. Oliver Earle] (1 C, 1 S)
Earle, Thomas (young man with dark curls) (S)
Earle, Thomas (mature man with receding hairline) (S)
Earle, Dr. Thomas (2 S)
Eaton, Thomas E. N. (C)
Eaton, William (5 S)
* Engler, Edmund Arthur, 1856-1918 (menu from 1908) (S)
Estabrook, James Edward, b. 1829 (3 S)
* Esty, Edward Tuckerman, 1875-1942 (S)


Fenno, William Daniel, 1797-1870 (3 S)
Fifield, Levi W. . SEE Whipple, Albert (S)
Fitch, George W. [after miniature] (C)
Fitton, William H., in his photographic studio (S)
Flagg, Benjamin (S)
Flagg, John (S)
Flagg, M. (S)
Flint, Charles H. (S)
Flint, Waldo, 1794-1879 (5 S)
Flint, Mrs. Waldo (S)
* Foster, Alfred Dwight, 1800-1852 (2 S)
Foster, Calvin 1809-1898 (S)
Forbes, Elias Edwards (2 C)
* Forbes, Esther, 1891-1967 (2 S, one as a child)
Forbes, Catherine White (C)
Foster, Lydia Stiles, 1806-1887 (2 S) (Mrs. Alfred Dwight Foster)
Forbes, William H., 1854-1879 (C)
Forbush, Edward Howe (C)
* Foster, Alfred Dwight, 1800-1852 (2 C)
Foster, Grace Eames (C)
* Francis, George Ebenezer, 1838-1912 (1 C, 2 S, both by William Willard)
Frissell, George Ellis, b. 1847 (2 S) [also Frizzell]
Fuller, Homer Taylor, b. 1838 (C)


* Gage, Homer, 1861-1938 (S)
* Gage, Thomas Hovey, 1826-1909 (2 C)
Gage, Dr. (2 S, with others in insurance office)
Gagnon, Ferdinand, 1849-1886 (2 C, 2 S of memorial stone)
* Garver, Austin Samuel, 1847-1918 (1 C, 2 S)
Gaskill, Francis Almon, 1846-1909 (1 C; 3 S, 2 of which are by William Willard)
Gates, Emma (C)
Gates, Simon, 1756-1849 (S)
Gay, Grant (in WWI uniform) (S)
Getchell, A.G. (C)
Gifford, Susan A. (2 C)
Gilbert, Charles W. (C)
Gilbert, Daniel (C)
Gilman, William F. (S)
Glasgow, Edward B., d. 1915 (2 S, both by William Willard)
Gleason, George A. (S)
Goddard, Benjamin, 1791-1867 (2 S)
Goddard, Henry (S, by William Willard)
Goddard, Ira N., 1830-1914 (C)
Goddard, Isaac, b. 1800 (3 S)
Goddard, Mrs. Isaac, d. 1888 (C)
Goggin, Rev. William H. (S)
Goodnow, Edward Augustus, b. 1810 (1 C, 1 S)
Goodwin, William S. (C)
Gough, John B. (C)
Gough, Mrs. John B. (C)
* Goulding, Frank Palmer, 1837-1901 (S)
Goulding, H. (S)
Goulding, J. (2 S)
Green, James [apothecary] (C)
Green, James (4 S)
Green, Mrs. James (S)
Green, John 2nd, 1763-1808 (S)
* Green, John 3rd, 1784-1865 (S)
Green, John, [poss. 1784-1865? AAS member] [painting] (C)
Green, Mrs. John [painting] (C)
Green, Meltiah B. (1 C, 3 S)
* Green, Samuel Swett, 1837-1918 (4 C, 1 F, 1 S, attr. William Willard)
Green, William N. (S)
Greene, Elizabeth Vinton (S)
* Greene, Jeremiah Evarts, 1834-1902 (4 C, 2 by William Willard; 1 S)
* Greene, Richard Ward, 1861-1920 (1 C, 1 S)
Greenwood, Joseph H., 1857-1927, at his easel (S)
Grout, Willie, with 15th Massachusetts regiment cap (S)
Guild, Davis (C)
Guild, Frances Longley (C)


* Hall, Edward Henry, 1831-1912 (3 C, 1 F)
* Hall, Granville Stanley, 1846-1924, (1 by William Willard)
Hamilton, James Prescott, 1844-1912 (F)
* Haven, Samuel Foster, 1806-1881 (2 F)
* Hoar, George Frisbie, 1826-1904 (4 F)
* Huntington, William Reed, 1838-1909 (F)
Hale, Charles, 1788-1859 (2 S)
* Hale, Charles Seabury, 1856-1936 (2 S, see also Hale, Frank Luther)
Hale, Frank Luther (2 S, one with Charles Seabury)
Hale, Luther H. 1823-1885 (2 S, copies of AAS daguerreotypes)
* Hall, Edward Henry, 1831-1912 (S)
* Hall, Granville Stanley, 1846-1924 (2 S, 1 by William Willard)
Hamilton, Charles Augustus, 1805-1879 (2 S)
Hammond, [no first name]
Hammond, Benjamin Tabor, b. 1846 (5 C, incl. 1 in costume & 2 of home interior; 4 S, < one w. Lewis W. & Timothy W. Hammond)
Hammond, Lewis Whitney, b. 1836 . SEE Hammond, Benjamin (S)
Hammond, Timothy W., b. 1814 . SEE also Hammond, Benjamin (2 C, 1 S)
Harrington, William
Harris, Allen (S)
* Harris, Clarendon, 1800-1884 with his wife (3 S)
* Harris, Thaddeus Mason, 1768-1842 (3 S)
Hartshorn, Charles Warren, 1814-1893 (S)
Hathaway, John (S)
* Haven, Samuel Foster, 1806-1881 (2 C, 3 S, also 1 of grave stone w. Haven, Frances)
Haven, Frances Williams Allen, 1824-1908 (Mrs. S. F. Haven) (1 C, 2 S)
Heard, Nathan, 1790-1878 (2 S)
Henniker-Heaton, Raymond (after painting)
* Heywood, Benjamin Franklin, 1792-1869 (1 C, 6 S)
* Hill, Alonzo, 1800-1871 (1 C, 6 S)
* Hill, Benjamin Thomas, 1863-1927 (S)
Hill, Edward K. (or R.) (S)
Hill, Frances (Mrs. Alonzo Hill) (2 C, 4 S)
Hill, George Hilliard
Hill, Harry
Hill, J. Henry (2 C, 2 S)
Hill, Mrs. J. Henry (S)
Hill-Munroe, Helen (memorial tablet) (S)
* Hoar, George Frisbie, 1826-1904 (21 C, 2 by William Willard; 6 S; 1 F, including images of his funeral)
* Hoar, Rockwood, 1855-1906 (3 C)
Hoar, Sherman, d. 1898
Hobson, Henry W. (S)
Holbrook, Pliny (S)
Holgate, Robert E. (S)
Holman, Jonathan, 1732-1814 (S)
* Holmes, Abiel, 1763-1837 (S)
Hood, Clifford F. (S)
Hopkins, Elizabeth (C)
Hopkins, Sarah (Sadie) (C)
Hopkins, Sarah with 11 other costumed women, incl. a .Miss Rice.. (C)
Hopkins, William Swinton Bennett, 1838-1900 (1 C by William Willard, 1 S)
Hopkins, William Swinton Bennett, and group camping, including W.S.B. Hopkins, Jr., Oliver Keek, E. Hopkins, C. Smith, Jim Giles, Rob Dean, Dan Edwards. (C)
Hovey, William (S)
Howe, Mary (actress) (C)
Howell, Thomas C. (C)
Howland, Esther Allen, 1801-1860 (copy photograph) (S)
Howland, William (from the .Bostonians.) (C)
Hubbard, Hamilton (C)
Hunt, Phillips (C)
Huntington, Francis (C)
* Huntington, William Reed, 1838-1909, (2 S)


Ireland, William D. (S)


Jackson, Levi
Jackson, Joseph (principal of Classical High School) (C)
Jefferson, Martin Van Buren, b. 1833 (F)
Jillson, Clark, 1825-1894 (C)
* Jennison, Samuel, 1788-1860 (6 S, including lithographic proof, 1 F)
Jennison, Mrs. Samuel Sr. (S)
* Jennison, Samuel, Jr., 1821 . 1904 (1 C, 1 S)
Jennison, Samuel S., WPI, 1871 (S)
Jennison, William, 1790-1866 (S)
Jillson, Clark 1825-1894 (2 S)
* Johnson, Alden Porter, 1914-1972 (S)
Johnson, Theodore Silas, b. 1843 (2 S, attributed to William Willard)
Jourdan, William H. (C)


Kelley, Frank H., 1827-1890 (C)
Kelly, Henry A. (C)
Kennedy, Walter S. (4 C, 1 in costume)
Kent, Thomas Goddard, 1829-1909 (S)
Kettell, John Pierce, 1797-1874 (2 S)
Kimball, Everett (C)
Kinney, Daniel (S)
Kinnicutt, Amy (2 S)
Kinnicutt, Caroline B., d. 1885 (C)
Kinnicutt, Francis Harrison, 1812-1885 (C)
* Kinnicutt, Leonard Parker, 1854-1911 (1 C, 1S)
* Kinnicutt, Lincoln Newton, 1849-1921 (2 S)
* Kinnicutt, Thomas, 1800-1858 (3 S)
Kinnicutt, Mrs. Thomas (2 S)
Knight, Joseph Addison (S)
Knowles, Carrie E and Walter S., children of S.A. Knowles, 1877 (C)
Knowlton, Helen Mary, 1832-1918 (C)
Knowlton, John Stocker Coffin, 1799-1871 (1 C, 4 S)


Lackey, Samuel W., of Stanton, Nebraska (C)
* Lamson, Charles Marion, 1843-1899 (1 C, 2 S)
Lamson, Eli Brigham, 1802-1865 (C)
Lathe, Martin (S)
Lauson, Charles (C)
Lawton, Sarah Reed at her harp, with harpists Edmund and Heinrich Schuecker (S)
Lazell, Warren, 1802-1875 (2 S)
Lee, Pardon Aldrich, 1815-1892 (C)
Leland, Frank (C)
Lincoln, Charles Henry, 1869-1938 (C)
* Lincoln, Daniel Waldo, 1882-1971, as infant . SEE LINCOLN, FANNY (C)
Lincoln, Edward Winslow, 1820-1896 (1 C, 1 S)
Lincoln, Fanny Chandler with infant Daniel Waldo Lincoln, 1882-1971 (C)
Lincoln, Mrs. George and daughter Georgianna (S)
* Lincoln, John Waldo, 1787-1852 (4 S)
Lincoln, Helen (C)
Lincoln, Josephine Rose, b. 1879 (C)
* Lincoln, Levi Sr., 1749-1820 (2 C, 1 F, 5 S)
* Lincoln, Levi Jr., 1782-1868 (2 C, 13 S)
* Lincoln, Merrick, 1875-1923, at age 6 (C)
Lincoln, Penelope Winslow Sever (Mrs. Levi Lincoln, Jr.) (1 C, 2 S)
* Lincoln, Waldo, 1849-1933 (1 F, 4 S)
Lincoln, William Sever, 1811-1889 (C)
Logan, James, 1852-1929 (S)
* Lombard, Herbert Edwin, 1863-1940 (1 F, 4 S)
Longley, Mary Hammond, of Grafton, Massachusetts (C)
Loring, Silas H., 1833-1911 (of Company A, 51st Mass Regiment) (S)
Lovell, Albert A. (S)
Lovell, John Dana, b. 1818 (2 S)
Lowne, G.M., mill owner of West Boylston [possibly Lourie?] (C)
Luey, William D. (S)


Maccarty, Thaddeus, 1721-1784 (S)
MacIver, George A. (S)
Marble, Albert Prescott, 1836-1906 (1 C, 1 S)
Marble, Annie Russell, 1864-1936 (S)
* Marsh, Henry Alexander, 1836-1914 (C)
Martin, Oramel (1 C, 1 S)
Mason, Joseph P., b. 1848 (S)
May, Samuel, 1810-1899 (C)
McClennen, William H. (C)
McClennen, Mrs. William H. (C)
McCulloch, Emma [Erma?] Burbank [Mrs. Frank McCulloch] (C)
McFarland, W. (S)
Mears, David Otis, 1842-1915 (C)
Meiklejohn, Alexander (S)
Merrick, Francis Taliaferro, 1792-1863 (3 S)
* Merrick, Pliny, 1794-1867 (2 S)
Merrifield, Alpheas (S)
Merrifield, William Trowbridge, 1807-1895 (S)
Merrill, Charles Amos, 1843-1907 (S)
* Merriman, Daniel, 1838-1912 (S)
Merriman, Mrs. Daniel (S)
Metcalf, Caleb B., 1814-1891 (S)
Metcalfe, Stephen B. (S)
Miller, Henry W., 1800-1891 (1 C, 4 S)
Miller, Mrs. Henry W. (2 C, 2 S)
Mirick, M.H. (C)
Moen, Philip Louis, 1824-1891 (C)
Moen, Philip W. (C)
Monahan, Thomas (C)
Moore, Edward (S)
Morgan, Charles Hill, 1831-1911 (C)
Morgan, Paul B. (F)
Morin, Raymond (S)
Morrow, Olive Hartshorn, 1839-1893, (2 S)
Mower, Caroline Cutler, 1826-1897 (3 S, one additional of exterior view of family home)
Mower, Ebenezer (1 C, 2 S)
Munford, William F. (S)
Murdoch, James Edward, 1811-1893 (S)


Nelson, William A. (S)
Newcomb, Henry Knox, 1796-1868 (S)
Newton, Levi Lincoln, 1820-1847 (1 C, 2 S)
* Newton, Rejoice, 1782-1868 (6 S)
Newton, Mrs. Rejoice (S)
* Nichols, Charles Lemuel, 1851-1929 (2 C, 1 F, 2 S, one family group)
Nichols, Corinne L.
Nichols, Herbert (S)
Nichols, Lemuel Bliss, 1816-1883
Nichols, Mary Broyton
Norcross, Orlando W., b. 1839 (S, of memorial tablet)


O.Neill, Rev. D.H. (C)
Orne, Lois Paine (C)


Paige, Lucius Robinson (Jr.?), photo taken 1906 (S)
Paine, [first name unknown, older man in bowler hat] (C)
Paine, Alice (C)
Paine, Ann Cushing Sturgis, 1797-1892 (6 S)
Paine, Charles, 1804-1866 (S)
Paine, Emily Baker, 1808-1888 (1 C, 1 S)
* Paine, Frederick William, 1788-1869 (1 F, 6 S)
Paine, Gardiner, 1799-1854 (3 C, 5 S)
* Paine, George Sturgis, 1833-1908 (3 C, 3 S)
Paine, Harriet, b. 1779 [Later Harriet Paine Rose] (1 after 1802 miniature) (C)
Paine, James Perkins, 1827-1910 (C)
* Paine, Nathaniel, 1832-1917 (4 C, 3 F, 17 S)
Paine, Rose Chandler (2 C, 1 after painting)
* Paine, Russell Sturgis, 1871-1959 (C)
Paine, Samuel, 1753-1807 (5 C, 3 S)
Paine, Susie Barnes [Mrs. Nathaniel Paine] (1 C, 2 S)
Paine, Timothy [photograph of AAS silhouette] (S)
* Paine, William, 1750-1833 (4 C, 9 S)
Park, John C., d. 1889 (S)
Parker, E.O. (C)
Parker, Wendell P. (C)
Parmelee, Arthur W. (C)
Paul, Walter, of Northborough (C)
Perkins, Sarah Paine, 1764-1841 (1 C, 1 S)
Perry, Emory, 1799-1855 (4 S)
Perry, J. Lester (S)
Pervear, Rev. H.K (S)
Phillips, Luther (C)
Pickett, Josiah, b. 1822 (1 C, 1 F, 2 S, both by William Willard)
Pickett, Sarah E. [Mrs. Josiah Pickett], b. 1828 (C)
Pierce, Arba (C)
Pierce, H.B. (C)
Porter, James, 1808-1888 (C)
Prentice, H. (S)
Prentice, Harrison Southwick, 1836-1909 (C)
Pratt, Sumner, 1809-1887 (S)
Pratt, Frederick Sumner Pratt, 1845-1924 (S)
Prouty, George C. (C)
Putnam, Charles W. (C)


Quinsigamond Boat Club members [includes theatrical performances], (C), (S)


Ramon y Cajal, Santiago . SEE Salisbury, Stephen III (S)
Ranlett, Charles (S)
Raymond, Edward T., b. 1844 (S)
Reed, Benjamin (S)
Reed, Chester A., 1876-1912 (C)
Reed, Mrs. Dwight (C)
Reed, W.F. (C)
Reynolds, Henry, 1839-1922 (C)
Reynolds, Miriam (2 C)
Rice, George Tilly, 1796-1867 (6 S)
Rice, William (S)
Rich, J. Bartlett (2 C)
Rider, P.L. (C)
Robinson, Harry C. (S)
Rogers, James S. (C)
* Rugg Arthur Prentice, 1862-1938 (1 F, 2 S)
Rugg, Luther, 1770-1863 (S)
Rugg, Ruth Jewett, 1776-1864 (S)
* Russell, Elias Harlow, 1836-1917 (1 C, 1 S by William Willard)
Russell, George W. (S)


St. John, Rev. Thomas Elliot (1 C, 1 S)
Salisbury Family painted portraits (3 S, groups and miniatures)
* Salisbury, Charles Babcock, 1821-1888 (S)
Salisbury, Elizabeth Tuckerman, 1768-1851 (Mrs. Stephen I) (1 F, 1 S)
Salisbury, Martha Saunders, 1704-1792 (F)
Salisbury, Rebekah Scott Dean, 1812-1843 (1 C, 1 S)
Salisbury, Samuel (2 S)
Salisbury, Mrs. Samuel (2 S)
* Salisbury, Stephen I., 1746-1829 (1 C, 2 S)
* Salisbury, Stephen II, 1798-1884 (6 C, 1 with an unidentified man, 5 S)
* Salisbury, Stephen III, 1835-1905 (1 F, 10 S, 2 by William Willard)
* Salisbury, Stephen III, 1835-1905, w. Benjamin Hammond, Francis Dewey, 1898 (C)
* Salisbury, Stephen III, 1835-1905, w. David Casares, Mr. Tuckerman, Dwight Lawton and unknown man (C)
* Salisbury, Stephen III, 1835-1905, in a crowd on a street with Nathaniel Paine, 1900 (S)
* Salisbury, Stephen III, with Santiago Ramon y Cajal and wife, University of Madrid (S)
* Salisbury, Stephen III, with David Casares and family and Mrs. Lawton (S)
* Salisbury, Stephen III, 1835-1905, with a group of 20 others, including one blind man, taken in Gijon, Spain (F)
Sanborn, Francis G. (C)
Sanford, W.H. (2 S)
Sargent, Henry (S)
* Sargent, Joseph, 1815-1888 (2 C, 7 S)
* Sawyer, Charles Henry, 1906-2005 (C)
Scannell, Rev. Dennis (S)
Schuecker, Edmund, 1860-1911 (see Lawson, Sarah Reed) (S)
Schuecker, Heinrich, 1867-1913 (see Lawson, Sarah Reed) (S)
* Scofield, William Bacon, 1864-1930 (F)
Scribner, E. V., on bicycle (C)
Seabury, Charlotte W. (Mrs. Luther H. Hale) (S)
Seagrave, Daniel, b. 1831 (S)
Shattuck, Charles (C)
Sibley, Charles, November 4, 1899 (C)
Silsbee, Mrs. William (S)
Simmons, Albert F. (attr. to William Willard) (S)
Simonds, Clark Sylvester, 1831-1862 (S)
Slater, Horatio Nelson II (F)
Slater, Mrs. Horatio Nelson with Esther, Horatio, Ray, William, (by Edmund Tarbell) (S)
Smith, Asa with S.A. Knowles, outside (C)
Smith, C. W. (C)
Smith, Harry Worcester, 1865-1945 (4 S, with horses, and greyhounds)
Spangler, Huston K. (S)
Sprague, Augustus Brown Reed, 1827-1910 (3 C, 1 S)
Sprague, Mrs. Augustus Brown Reed (C)
Start, Cora, Worcester high School, Class of 1886, Vassar, 1890 (C)
Stebbins, Calvin, 1837-1921 (C)
Stevens, Charles E. (C)
Stiles, Frederick G., 1825-1908 (C)
* Stoddard, Elijah Brigham, 1826-1903 (4 C, 2 by William Willard, 3 S)
* Stoddard, Harry Galpin, 1873-1969 (2 S)
Stoddard, Joshua C. with calliope (copy of daguerreotype) (S)
Sturgis, Elizabeth Orne Paine, 1826-1911 (C)
Swain, S.B. (C)
Swan, Elliott (C)
Swan, Elliott (2 S)
* Sweetser, Seth, 1807-1878 (2 C, 3 S)


Taft, Calvin, 1813-1881 (1 C, 1 S)
Taft, Cornelia A. B., 1823-1909 (S)
* Taylor, Forrest Waldo, 1865-1951 (S)
Taylor, Ransom Clarke, b. 1829 (1 S, 1 F)
Thaxter, Levi, 1778-1857 (S)
Thayer, A. J. (S)
* Thayer, Charles Martin, 1867-1932 (F)
* Thomas, Benjamin Franklin, 1813-1878 (1 C, 4 S)
Thomas, Elizabeth Mary (S)
Thomas, Samuel B., and family (S)
Thompson, E.A. (2 S)
Thompson, George A. (S)
Thurston, Mrs. John R. (S)
Thwing, Charles Franklin, 1853-1937 (C)
Tolman, Edward F. (S)
Tower, Horatio N. (S)
Tower, Mrs. Horatio with grandchild (C)
Tower, [Charles or Frank, son of Horatio Tower] (C)
Travis, Walter J., 1862-1927 . SEE Witter, George (S)
Trumbull, George, 1793-1868 (1 C, 3 S)
Trumbull, Mrs. George (S)
Trumbull, Susan Price (S)
Tucker, Arabella H. (S)
Tufts, Walter (S)
Turner, Hiram M. (C)
Twichell, Ginery, 1811-1883 (1 C, 1 S)


Upham, Susan G., b. 1797 (C)


Valentine, Gill (1 C, 1 S)
* Vail, Robert William Glenrole, 1890 . 1966 (S)
Vaill, Edward W. (S)
* Vinton, Alexander Hamilton, 1852-1911 (S)
Vinton, Frederic P., 1846-1911 (1 C, 1 F)


* Waldo, Daniel Jr. 1763-1845 (2 C)
Walker, Edward Ashley, 1834-1866 (C)
Walker, Joseph Henry 1829-1907 (2 C)
Ward, Artemas Jr. 1797-1865 (C)
Ward, Artemas [III?] (C)
Ward, Mrs. Frederick Wheeler (daughter of George W. Wheeler) (C)
Ward, George Hull 1826-1863 (C)
Warren, Frederick (C)
Washburn, Charles (C)
Washburn, Charles Francis 1827-1893 (2 C)
* Washburn, Emory 1800-1877 (4 C)
Washburn, Ichabod, 1798-1868 (C)
* Washburn, John Davis, 1833-1903 (3 C)
Washburn, William B. 1820-1887 (1 C)
Waters, Asa,1769-1841 (2 C of a painted portrait)
Waters, Sara Goodell (C)
Waters, Asa Holman 1808-1887 (C)
Wesson, Walter (C)
Wheeler, George Washington, 1811-1883 (2 C)
Wheeler, Mrs. George Washington (C)
Wheeler, Henry Martin, 1830-1917 (C)
Wheeler, Leonard, 1845-1935 (C)
Wheeler, William A. (C)
Wheelock, Jerome, 1834-1902 (C)
Whitcomb, David, 1808-1887 (C)
White, George Avery (C)
Wilkinson, Charles D.C. (C)
Willard, Calvin, 1784-1867 (2 C)
Willard, Catherine Chandler, 1735-1791 (F)
Willard, Levi, 1727-1775 (F)
Wilson, Levi, .Doc Wilson. (C)
Wilson, Louis (C)
Witter, Henry M. (C)
Wood, Albert, 1833-1912 (C)
Wood, Charles (C)
Wood, Earnest (C)
Woodward, Henry, 1832-1921 (C)
Woodward, Lemuel F. (C)
Woodward, Ralph, 1862-1928 (C)
* Woodward, Rufus, 1819 . 1885 (C)
* Woodward, Samuel Bayard, 1787-1850 (2 C, 4 S)
Woodward, Samuel (C)
* Woodward, Samuel Bayard, 1853-1946 (2 C, 1 F, 2 S)
Workman, William Hunter, 1847-1937 (C)


Zaeder, Benjamin [possibly?] (C)


Cleveland, Grace with Belle Cleveland, May Wyman, and Sarah Hopkins (C)

Green, May with six other young ladies in fancy hats and coats ., Alice Ward, Mary Hamilton, Elizabeth Pratt, Helen Marble (1882-1968), Gertrude Childs and Mary Flint, December 1897 (S)

Hamilton, Edith with Kitty Bent and Kitty [Proust?], w. croquet mallets, 1888 (C)

*Lincoln, Merrick (1875-1923) with group of nine other young boys, posed on steps of house. Includes: Alexander Wadsworth Doe, Albert Mason, Albert Warren, Charles Augustus Hamilton, Walter Buxton, *Alexander Hamilton Bullock (1874-1962), Philip Buxton, *Roger Kinnicutt (1880-1961) and George William Throop. (C)

Mann, Ed with Robert G. Pratt, as boys, dressed in military costume outdoors, 1889 (C)

Ward, Alice and five young people clowning around in a kitchen . Beth, Alice Ward, George Lincoln, Mary Hamilton, May Green and Paul Lamson (S)

Unknown Men

"C.H." Man with thick beard, profile, facing right,. insc. .January 8, 1881, 50 years. (Carter, Worcester, photographer). (C)

Older man with white chin whiskers, photo by Cowee of West Gardner (S)

Painting of a man with hand on open book (S)

Waist length portrait of a man, turned slightly right -- from daguerreotype (S)

Oval format portrait of a man, bust length, grey hair, no beard -- from daguerreotype (S)

Large man seated with hands on thighs -- from daguerreotype (S)

Man seated resting elbow on table at left -- from daguerreotype (S)

Older man, waist length, grey hair and side burns -- from daguerreotype (S)

Older man, waist length, in profile facing left -- from daguerreotype (S)

Man with moustache seated, waist length wearing tweed vest (S)

Man in uniform, cut into oval (S)

Boy standing with shepherd dog. Hat on rock at left, painted backdrop. (Claflin, 405 Main St., Worcester, photographer). From the Nathaniel Paine collection. (C)

Young man with dark hair and side burns (Hanlon, 405 Main St., Worcester) (C)

Man in profile, facing left. Balding with wispy hair to top of collar. (Notman, 99 Boylston St., Boston, photographer). (C)

Older man with grey hair and beard and wearing glasses. (Carter, Worcester). (C)

Older man with mussed hair and lined face. (G.P. Critcherson, 326 Main St. Worcester, photographer) (C)

Man with grey hair and glasses, 20th century (C)

Unknown women

Painted miniature of a woman with shawl around shoulders (S)

Young woman, bust length, with black choker. (Claflin, 405 Main St., Worcester, photographer). From the Nathaniel Paine collection. (C)

Young woman with curly hair and almond shaped eyes, painted miniature (C)

Unknown groups

Older couple seated side by side (S.B. Winchester, 311 Main St., Worcester photographer) (C)

Four generations, older man seated with cane at left, middle aged man in chair on right holding a baby and young man standing at center. (Critcherson, 326 Main St., Worcester, photographer) (C)

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