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American History Educators' Consortium

Are you an educator who loves history but who does not have the time to enroll in a graduate course? Perhaps you do not teach American history this year, but you are interested in learning more about it? During the spring 2007 semester, the American Antiquarian Society invites K-12 educators from all levels to join the American History Educators' Consortium (AHEC), a group of colleagues who will meet at AAS to discuss three pre-selected American history books about the American Revolution around the semester's theme, Three Perspectives on the American Revolution. By opening membership to elementary, middle, and high school teachers who share a love of American history, AHEC will be a place where teachers from different grade levels and from different schools can forge ties over their mutual interest in expanding their content knowledge. In future semesters, AHEC members will be able to help shape the book list and explore other themes and events in American history.

As a less-intensive environment than the graduate classroom, AHEC will expose teachers to historiography and will provide potential opportunities to meet and talk with historians. Meetings will be discussion-driven and led by an AAS staff member. A meeting may include a discussion of a book with its author, or coincide with an author's public lecture at AAS. It may also include a discussion with a local scholar or a visiting AAS fellow who is an expert in the field.

Members are encouraged, but are not required, to attend every meeting scheduled over the course of the semester. Those who do attend all of the meetings will earn 10 PDPs in addition to meeting other educators and reading a range of books about American history.


If you are interested in becoming a charter member of the American History Educators' Consortium, please contact Amy Sopcak, Education Coordinator, at (508) 471-2129 or asopcak[at] by January 5, 2007.


Spring Meetings:

-Wednesday, February 7, 2007
Discussion of Paul Revere's Ride by David Hackett Fischer

-Wednesday March 7, 2007
Discussion of A Midwife's Tale by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

-Wednesday April 4, 2007
Discussion of The Shoemaker and the Tea Party by Alfred F. Young

-Wednesday, May 9, 2007
Presentations/Sharing teaching ideas



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