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The McLoughlin Bros. - Hosmer
Archival Drawings and Prints

This archival collection was assembled by McLoughlin Bros., Inc. Vice President Charles Ernest Miller (1869-1951). Apparently, the McLoughlin archival material was divided among the members of the McLoughlin executive board when the firm (then a division of Milton Bradley) was in the process of being sold to toy manufacturer Julius Kushner. This sale was eventually completed in December, 1951. After Charles E. Miller's death on March 4, 1951, this archival collection consisting of picture books, drawings, company correspondence, illustration blocks, paper dolls, puzzles, and games was held by Mr. Miller's daughter, Ruth Miller. In 1968, Miss Miller sold this archival collection to collector Herbert H. Hosmer. Subsequently, in 1978, Mr. Hosmer donated this collection to the American Antiquarian Society.

Hosmer Box 3 Folder 228. "Midnight Ride of Paul Revere" unknown.
Hosmer Box 3 Folder 195. "Wild West Panorama" #7 by Justin H. Howard.




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