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Louis Prang: Innovator, Collaborator, Educator

Centennial celebration of the invention of lithography


This photograph was taken at the centennial celebration of the anniversary of the invention of lithography, held in Philadelphia, July, 1896. Sitting prominently in the front left in a light colored suit is Louis Prang, chosen as the president of the congress for the occasion. Beside him is Philadelphia lithographer Arno Leonhardt. Behind them are twenty other lithographers and printers, many active in Philadelphia. Included in the photograph is John Sartain, who began his career in lithography in London before turning to steel engraving.

     Prang and Leonhardt planned the centennial celebration with the National Lithographer's Association, that gathered American lithographers together to celebrate "an invention that has uplifted the human race" with lectures, an exhibition and a banquet. The menu cards at the banquet dinner were printed to look like a lithographic stone, complete with the bill of fare imposed backwards, with markings similar to those seen on a proof sheet. A sheet of paper was placed over the "stone" and presented as a proof with the legible menu items.


Centennial celebration of the invention of lithography


James, Charles H., 1849-





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James, Charles H., 1849-, “Centennial celebration of the invention of lithography,” Louis Prang: Innovator, Collaborator, Educator, accessed March 21, 2018,