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“The Parrot Girl.” In Naughty Girl’s and Boy’s Magic Transformations

Metamorphic picture books for children date back to the eighteenth century. They usually lacked a narrative and focused instead on often silly interchangeable pairings of animal or human bodies. McLoughlin Brothers improved on this format with its…

The Owl and the Fox

Shaped books were part of the McLoughlin Brothers line from 1858, but really became a staple starting in the 1890s. Classic titles like Simple Simon, Robinson Crusoe, and The Owl and the Fox were produced in this format, along with new stories about…

A.B.C. of Objects for Home and School. Kindergarten First Book

During the golden era, McLoughlin Brothers continued to produce products that appealed to a broad age range of readers, from pre-readers to advanced students. McLoughlin Brothers also continued to work collaboratively with other publishers when it…

Cinderella or The Little Glass Slipper

The Cinderella Series was among the McLoughlin Brothers output listed in its earliest extant publisher’s catalog from 1867 and remained a fixture in the firm’s line through 1920. Cinderella versions published during the heyday years at the end of…

The New Pretty Village Toy. Church Set

The New Pretty Village tabletop toy was one of the more elaborate paper toys issued by McLoughlin Brothers. It was offered in three models (four buildings, eight buildings, or the whole village with sixteen buildings) and was first released as “The…

Struwelpeter [Stewelpeter]

Heinrich Hoffmann’s Slovenly Peter (also called Struwwelpeter or Struwel-Peter) stories were translated from German for the American market around 1850. McLoughlin Brothers issued multiple versions of Hoffmann’s cautionary tales, as well as new…