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“Jack and the Bean Stalk.” In The Jolly Jump-Up’s Favorite Nursery Stories

The Jolly Jump-Up pop-up books first appeared in 1939 and featured an American family and their adventures (seeing the circus, going on vacation, buying a house). The series also contained titles for younger children, including an ABC book, a…

The History of the United States Told in One Syllable Words

McLoughlin Brothers published many steady sellers with purely American content. In the early 1880s the firm hired New York author Josephine Pollard (1834–1892) to produce a series of easy readers for beginners focused on American subjects. A famed…

Moses and the Wanderings of the Children of Israel

Religious publications were a bread-and-butter part of the book business for McLoughlin Brothers, as they were for other publishers of the era. Sunday Schools, religious organizations, and parents all purchased illustrated Christian story books to…

“Mother! Oh, if She Were Only Here,” from The Story of Teddy the Bear

Written and illustrated by artist Sarah Noble Ives, this book tells the story of a little bear cub separated from its mother. By naming her protagonist “Teddy,” Ives gave a nod to President Theodore Roosevelt and a famous 1902 incident in which…

Mamma's Gift, or Pleasing Lessons

Based on the success of books with engraved illustrations sold by William Charles and his successors, other enterprising book publishers began offering titles for children with engraved illustrations, including Solomon King in New York. King created…