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“Mother! Oh, if She Were Only Here,” from The Story of Teddy the Bear

Written and illustrated by artist Sarah Noble Ives, this book tells the story of a little bear cub separated from its mother. By naming her protagonist “Teddy,” Ives gave a nod to President Theodore Roosevelt and a famous 1902 incident in which…


Georgina A. Davis (ca. 1852–1901) was trained at the Cooper Union Female School of Design, exhibited paintings and etchings in Boston and New York, and supported herself for over thirty years as a commercial illustrator. During the decades between…

Over the Hills, a Collection of Juvenile Pictures in Colors

Because of the overwhelming popularity of English picture books featuring dainty children in antique dress drawn by English illustrator Kate Greenaway (1846–1901), McLoughlin Brothers hired American artist Ida Waugh to create illustrations in a…