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Georgina A. Davis (ca. 1852–1901) was trained at the Cooper Union Female School of Design, exhibited paintings and etchings in Boston and New York, and supported herself for over thirty years as a commercial illustrator. During the decades between 1880 and 1900 when she submitted illustrations to McLoughlin Brothers, she also produced over a hundred images for Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, where she worked as a staff artist and reporter. McLoughlin hired many women illustrators, and Davis, perhaps because her work at Leslie’s had put her name before the public, was often credited by the firm.
This large watercolor of the miller’s daughter explaining her plight to Rumpelstiltskin is part of the company’s art archives, along with watercolors of Snow White, Red Riding Hood, and images of children with pets and toys, all done by Davis. Several of these were published by the brothers in the 1890s, although a printed version of Rumpelstiltskin with this illustration has not been located. All are expertly painted and reflect the skill and many years of education and experience that made Davis a success.
The gift of Herbert H. Hosmer, 1978


Davis, G. A. (Georgina A.), approximately 1852-1901


Georgina A. Davis. “Rumpelstiltskin.” Watercolor, gouache, ca. 1885.


ca. 1885



Catalog no. 73


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