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Daniel Oyster watch paper.

Line-engraving. Father Time holding hourglass and scythe, with seated figure holding shield and quill. Monument within which reads watchmaker name and address and atop of which is large clock and laurel vine. Small piece of top left corner cut away.…

William Widdifield watch paper.

Line-engraving, signed by "W.G. Mason, Phila." Father Time with scythe driving chariot led by two horses, at night, with moon in sky. Wheel of chariot in form of a clock face wheel. Scalloped border within which reads watchmaker name and address.…

H.P. Rice watch paper.

Saratoga Springs, NY.
Line-engraving, Father Time, seated under tree, holding small watch in his proper right hand, hourglass in his proper left. Scenic background which includes two people working in fields, river, setting sun on right. Watchmaker…

William H.J. Read watch paper.

40 Chesnut Street, Philadelphia.
Line-engraving. Father Time, holding scythe, under a tree amongst ruins. Skull, hourglass, watch, and caduceus at bottom. Leaves and banner that reads "Jewellery [sic], Chains, Seals, Keys & Watches," surround oval…

Martin Moses watch paper.

Rochdale, MA.
Line-engraving. Standing woman, with large anchor, and Father Time with scythe surrounding large oval, topped by bee hive, with watchmaker name, address. Below address reads "Umbrellas Made and Repaired." Clock, watch and hourglass on…

Jno. S. Miller watch paper.

Line-engraving with aquatint, signed by "Kneass, Sc. Phila." Father Time, under a tree, with large scythe, one foot on top of an hourglass, and holding a shield with watchmaker name, address, name of engraver, and "Clocks & Watches Repaired &…

John McKee watch paper.

Line-engraving. Father Time, standing on globe, holding hourglass in his outstretched proper left hand and his scythe in his proper right. Lined border within which reads "Clocks made – & Watches carefully repaired," and "Most kinds of Jewellery…

Jacob S. Kimball watch paper.

Line-engraving. Father Time, with small watch in palm of his proper left hand, and holding scythe around which hangs a cloth with watchmaker name and address in his proper right. View of cabins below cloth. Banded and scrolled border. On paper.

John Hilton watch paper.

22 Cow Green, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Line-engraving. Father Time with scythe, skeleton, atop tombstone that reads "O Death Where is Thy Sting, O Grave Where is thy Victory," and watchmaker name and address. Trees, monument, and lightning, with…

D.B. Hempsted watch paper.

Bank Street, New London, CT.
Line-engraving, signed by "J.D. Stout, N. York." Father Time at left, swinging his scythe at a winged hourglass. Several Masonic symbols such as columns, compass, and square. Watchmaker name and address on pedestal.…