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William Headman watch paper.

Address: No. 29 South 8th Street, Philadelphia. Description: Line-engraving. Below watchmaker name reads "Successor to Thomas Voigt. Clock & Watch Maker. Chronometers Adjusted." Lined and ornamental border of overlapping arched lines. On green paper.…

Aime Brandt watch paper.

129 North Second, Near Race Street, Philadelphia.
Line-engraving. Woman resting her proper left hand on large anchor and holding up pocket watch with her proper right. Foliage at left above space with watchmaker name and address. Banded and…

Jehu & Wm. L. Ward watch paper.

42 Market Street, South Side, 6th door below Second, Philadelphia.
Line-engraving? Below watchmaker name reads "Silversmiths and Watch Makers." Lined and ornamental border of small circles and triangles. On paper.

J.L. Van-tine watch paper.

122 North Third Street, between Race & Vine Streets, Philadelphia.
Line-engraving. Ornamental border of circles and a variety of flowers and leaves within which reads "[Mu]sical, Horizontal, Plain and Repeating Watches carefully repaired and…

Wellington W. Solliday watch paper.

Green Street, near Fifth, Philadelphia.
Printed. Watchmaker name and address inside shield. Silver and blue ink paper.

Jacob C. Smith watch paper.

Corner 8th & Maple Streets, Above Race Street, Philadelphia.
Line-engraving. Reads above watchmaker name "Use Me Well," and below address "Watches & Jewelry Repaired." Lined and ornamental border of interwoven lines. Black ink on paper.

Charles R. Smith & Son watch paper.

1510 Market Street, Philadelphia.
Printed. Small, oval advertising label with watchmaker name and address pasted on plain paper.

George Russell watch paper.

No. 18 North 6th Street [cut away], Philadelphia.
Line-engraving. Ornamental border of small circles within which reads "Warranted Patent, Lever & Plain Watches," and "Chains, [torn], Jewellery [sic] &c. for sale." Large piece of right side cut…

Henry Rose watch paper.

1008 South Street, Four Doors above Tenth, South Side, Philadelphia.
Wood-engraving. Ornamental and belt style border within which reads "Plate & Jewellery [sic] Carefully Repaired." Uncut. On yellow paper.

George Robbins watch paper.

345 Market Street, above 9th North Side, Philadelphia.
Line-engraving. Ornamental border of interwoven and overlapping lines. Orange and black ink on paper.