James Fenimore Cooper

Afloat and ashore, or The adventures of Miles Wallingford.

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Afloat and ashore, or The adventures of Miles Wallingford.


Cooper, James Fenimore, 1789-1851.


Cooper finished the majority of the first part of his two-part novel about travels to distant locales, Afloat and Ashore, by March 1844. He then had the manuscript set into stereotype plates by April. Bentley's edition was published in June 1844 and the American edition, published by Cooper, a few days later. Cooper finished the second part of the novel in August 1844 and stereotype plates were produced by John Fagan by the end of the month. Bentley published the second part as Lucy Hardinge: A Second Series of Afloat and Ashore in September 1844 while Cooper published it as the third and fourth volumes of Afloat and Ashore in November.

Cooper published the book (i.e., he assumed the cost of stereotyping and printing) because he was convinced that Lea and Blanchard in Philadelphia were being dishonest with him about the number of sales of his books. Cooper wanted to be sure that he received full return on the sales and so sent his self-published copies to booksellers in New York and Philadelphia.

This copy, once owned by James Beard, is the first part, in three volumes, of the British edition of 1844.




Richard Bentley, New Burlington Street.



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3 v. ; 21 cm.




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