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Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Abruzzo Margaret 2013-14
University of Alabama associate professor Good People and Bad Behavior: Changing Views of Sin and Moral Responsibility
Adams Gretchen 2000-1
University of New Hampshire PhD candidate The Specter of Salem in American Culture
Adelman Joseph 2007-8
Johns Hopkins University PhD candidate "The Business of Politics: Printers and the Emergence of Political Communications Networks, 1765-1789"
Adelman Joseph 2011-12
Johns Hopkins University lecturer Revolutionary Networks: The Business of Printing and the Production of American Politics, 1763-1789
Albanese Catherine 1977-78
Wright State professor Davy Crockett Almanacs
Albanese Catherine 1983-84
Wright State professor The Divine Harmonia: Transcendentalism, Popular Religion, and Healing Movements in Nineteenth-Century America
Albaugh Gaylord 1972-73
U.S. Steel Foundation
McMaster University professor American Religious Newspapers and Periodicals, 1730-1830
Albaugh Gaylord 1989-90
McMaster University professor American Religious Newspapers and Periodicals, 1730-1830
Allgor Catherine 1995-96
Yale PhD. Candidate Political Parties: Society and Politics in Washington City, 1800-1832
Allison Christopher 2017-18
Harvard University Ph.D. candidate Protestant Relics: Encountering and Collecting the Body in Early America, 1770-1850
Alliston April 1994-95
Princeton assistant professor A Cultural Biography of James Fenimore Cooper
Altice Eric 2000-1
University of California, Los Angeles PhD candidate Taking the Heathen to the Countryside: Missionary Publication and the Representations of the 'Exotic' in Antebellum America
Altschuler Sari 2011-12
City University of New York, The Graduate Center Ph.D. candidate National Physiology: George Lippard and Antebellum Medical Discourse
Altschuler Sari 2013-14
University of South Florida assistant professor of English National Physiology: Literature, Medicine, and the Invention of the American Body, 1789-1860
Amato Matthew 2011-12
Center for Historic American Visual Culture
University of Southern California PhD candidate Exposing Humanity: Photographic Dimensions of American Slavery, Antislavery, and Emancipation, 1840s to 1870s
Anderson Anne 2014-15
Exeter University Ph.D. Candidate in English The Morse Collection at the American Antiquarian Society
Anderson Hannah 2017-18
University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. candidate Lived Botany: Domesticity, Settler Colonialism, and Ecological Adaption in Early British North America
Anderson Jennifer 2004-5
New York University Ph.D. "Nature's Currency: The Atlantic Mahogany Trade in the 18th Century"
Anderson Jennifer 2006-7
New York University Ph.D. candidate Nature's Currency: The Atlantic Mahogany Trade, 1725-1825
Anderson Jill 2003-4
Thomas Jefferson Foundation assistant editor "Nothing Done!': The Poet in Early Nineteenth-Century American Culture
Anderson Kenneth 1973-74
Mellon short-term fellow
Worcester Polytechnic Institute assistant professor Research on the writings of James Fenimore Cooper
Andrews Edward 2007-8
University of New Hampshire Ph.D. candidate "Saints our of Savages: Native American and African Missionaries, 1750-1775"
Andrews Mathilde 2020-21
University of California, Berkeley Ph.D. candidate in art history Winslow Homer and Evolutionary Thought
Anishanslin Zara 2013-14
Center for Historic American Visual Culture
College of Staten Island assistant professor Rebelling Subjects, Revealing Objects: The Material and Visual Culture of Making and Remembering the American Revolution
Anthony David 1996-97
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor PhD candidate Scandalous Aesthetics: Masculine Emotion and the Birth of the Public Sphere in Antebellum America
Anthony David 2000-1
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale assistant professor White-Collar Gothic: Debtor Masculinity, Submission, and the U.S. Bank in Antebellum America
Anthony David 2005-6
SIU Carbondale assistant professor Shylock on Wall Street: Market Passion and the Capitalist Jew in Antebellum Sensationalism
Anthony David 2012-13
SIU Carbondale associate professor The Sensational Jew in Antebellum America: Conversion, Race, and the Making of Middle-Class Culture
Apap Christopher 2012-13
Oakland University special lecturer The Genius of the Place
Appleby Joyce 1994-95
UCLA professor The First Generation of Americans
Armstrong Kimberly 2016-17
Metropolitan Community College, Omaha instructor 'The Plague is Just as Great Today': Selling the Subscription Book in Postbellum America
Arndt Sarah 2010-11
Trinity College, University of Dublin PhD candidate The Book Trade and Print Culture: A Comparative Analysis of Belfast and Baltimore, 1760-1825
Arner Robert 1975-76
Comic Literature in Colonial America
Arner Robert 1991-92
University of Cincinnati professor The Politics of Knowledge in the Early Republic: American Encyclopedias from the Federal Period to the Jacksonian Era
Arsem Marilyn 1997
Boston, MA Performance artist Research on 19th century Spritualism, as well as late 19th century daily life in New England, for a performance entitled "Spirit Messages"
Arthur James 2018
Jay and Deborah Last
Baltimore, MD Poet Research for group of poems that will be created in response to holdings in Graphic Arts, including artifacts, the David Claypoole Johnston lithographs, and the Paul Revere engravings
Astore William 1994-95
Oxford University PhD candidate Observing God: Thomas Dick (1774-1857), Religion and Popular Astronomy in Great Britain and America, 1823-57
Athens Elizabeth 2014-15
Yale University Ph.D. Candidate in Art History Figuring a World: William Bartram's Natural History
Augst Thomas 1999-00
University of Minnesota assistant professor Making Society Out of Books: Character, Composure, and the Rhetoric of Market Culture
Augst Thomas 2004-5
University of Minnesota assistant professor "The Sobriety Test: Temperance and the Melodramas of Modern Citizenship"
Augst Thomas 2013-14
New York University associate professor A Drunkard's Story: Social reform and mass culture in nineteenth-century America
Avery Gillian 1985-86
author The American Pattern of Childhood

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