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Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Cable Mary 1989-90 RA freelance writer Early history of the Massachusetts Bay Colony
Cable Mary 1990-91 RA freelance writer Early history of the Massachusetts Bay Colony .
Caison Gina 2016-17 Last Georgia State University associate professor of English Feather
Caison Gina Marie 2011-12 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of California, Davis PhD candidate 'To the Dear Reader': Rhetorical Audiences and Histories in Boudinot, Simms, and the Antebellum Newspaper
Call Wendy 2010 Baron Seattle, WA Non-fiction writer Research for series of literary essays about the grieving process
Campbell Emahunn 2013-14 Peterson University of Massachusetts - Amherst PhD candidate The Construction of the Black Criminal
Canup John 1990-91 Boni Texas A&M University assistant professor New England Culture and the Pacific
Carbonell Caylin 2019-20 Peterson William & Mary Ph.D. candidate in history At Home in My Master’s House’: Household, Labor, and Authority in Early New England
Carlebach Michael 1986-87 Peterson University of Miami assistant professor The Origins of Photojournalism in America, 1839-80
Carlson Hannah 2006-7 Botein Boston University PhD candidate In the Company of Books: Reading the Pocket Companion
Carlson-Bradley Martha 2008 Baron Hillsborough, NH Poet Research for collection of poems, New England Primer
Carmody Todd Peterson Harvard University lecturer Racial Handicap: Uplift and Rehabilitation in Postbellum America
Carp Benjamin 2001-2 Peterson University of Virginia PhD. Candidate Cityscapes and Revolution: Urban Spaces and Revolutionary Mobilization in North America, 1740-1790
Carpenter Stephanie 2015 Hearst Hancock, MI Fiction writer Many and Wide Separations: Two novellas
Carr Ryan 2013-14 Peterson Yale University PhD candidate Arts and Sciences of American Expression: 1820-1890
Carroll Bret 1997-98 Peterson University of Texas, Arlington visiting assistant professor Religion and Masculinity in Antebellum America
Carroll Brian 2008-9 Peterson University of Connecticut PhD candidate "Military Masculinities in New England: Anglo-American and Native-American Soldiers, 1689-1763."
Carroll Brian 2015-16 AAS-ASECS Central Washington University assistant professor of history Burning the Hearts of the Dead: Medicine, Migration, and New England Vampire Belief, 1782-1819
Carter Michael 2005-6 Botein University of Southern California PhD. Candidate Mathew Carey and the Public Emergence of Roman Catholicism in the United States, 1789-1839
Carter Sarah 2007-8 Last Harvard University PhD candidate "Object Lessons in Nineteenth-Century America"
Casey Jim 2015-16 Botein University of Delaware PhD candidate Editing a Revolution in Newspaper Printing, 1847-1849
Casmier-Paz Lynn 2009-10 Botein University of Central Florida associate professor Slave literacy, children's textbooks, and antebellum education
Casper Scott 1990-91 Peterson Yale University PhD candidate The Cultural and Literary Contexts of Antebellum Campaign Biography and Children's Biography
Casper Scott 1998-99 Peterson University of Nevada, Reno associate professor First Families: Presidents at Home in the American Imagination, 1789-20
Cassedy Tim 2010-11 Peterson New York University PhD candidate The Character of Communication, 1790-1810
Castagna JoAnn 1990-91 NEMLA University of Iowa academic advisor Women, Sexuality, and Popular Culture: Sensation Novels andGender Ideology in Nineteenth-Century Newspapers
Castiglia Christopher 2012-13 Mellon Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence Pennsylvania State University Liberal Arts Research Professor of English The Practices of Hope and other Romantic Dispositions
Cataldo Melanie 2020 Hearst Worcester, MA Illustrator Researching, drawing, and editing book one, "The Making," in a 3 book illustrated middle grade series - "The Big Sister Rule Book"
Cave Roderick 1976-77 Daniels University of the West Indies professor A History of Printing in the West Indies
Chakravarty Urvashi 2014-15 Lapides University of Hawaii at Manoa Assistant Professor of English Serving Like a Free Man: Labor, Liberty, and Consent in Early Modern England
Chapin Chloe 2019-20 Jaffee Harvard University Ph.D. Candidate in American Studies The False Universal of Nineteenth-Century Formal Attire: Uniformity, Masculinity, and Power
Charbeneau Brett 1995-96 ASECS Colonial Williamsburg Foundation journeyman printer Williamsburg Imprints Program
Chavigny Katherine 1993-94 Peterson University of Chicago PhD candidate American Confessions: The Formation of Antebellum Addiction Narratives
Chen Xi 2010-11 Peterson University of Washington, Seattle PhD candidate The Life and Times of John B. Gough
Cheng Irene 2017-18 Last California College of Arts assistant professor The Shape of Utopia
Chernos Lin Rachel 2002-3 Peterson Brown University PhD. Candidate The Rhode Island Slave Traders and their Communities, 1750-1807
Childs Greg 2018-19 AAS-NEH Brandeis University assistant professor of history Scenes of Sedition: Racial Politics in Bahia during the Age of Revolution
Chiles Katy 2014-15 Botein University of Tennessee Assistant Professor of English Raced Collaboration: The Idea of Authorship and Early African American and Native American Literature
Chopra Ruma 2006-7 Peterson University of California at Davis PhD candidate Loyalist Persuasions: New York City, 1776-1783
Chow Juliana 2017-18 AAS-NEH Saint Louis University associate professor of English Lacunae: Vital Language and the Casualties of Natural History
Christ Birte 2012-13 Ebeling Justus-Liebig-University Giessen assistant professor A Systematic Survey of Anti-Gallows Poetry in the Democratic Review, The Hangman/The Prisoners' Friend, and Selected Periodicals from 1842-1849
Chu Jonathan 1987-88 AAS-NEH University of Massachusetts, Boston associate professor Where's Mine?: Debt in Post-Revolutionary Massachusetts
Chudacoff Howard 1974-75 Rockefeller Brown University assistant professor The Effect of Industrialization and Urbanization upon Family Structure in Nineteenth-Century Worcester
Chudacoff Howard 2000-1 Peterson Brown University professor Children and Their Styles of Play, 1750-1880
Chuong Jennifer 2016-17 Drawn-to-Art Harvard University Ph.D. candidate Marbling and Projection in Early American Bindings
Clapper Michael 1992-93 Peterson Northwestern University PhD candidate The `Popular' and `Elite' Disjunction in Art in the United States after the Civil War
Clark Charles 1980-81 Daniels University of New Hampshire professor emeritus : A Comparative Study of English and American Journalism,1665-1765
Clark Charles 1985-86 Boni University of New Hampshire professor emeritus The Public Prints: An Essay in Anglo-American JournalisticOrigins
Clark Christopher 1982-83 Haven York College lecturer Economy and Culture in Rural Massachusetts, 1790-1860
Clark Christopher 1990-91 Peterson To Live in the Common Cause: Communal and Cooperative Groups in Nineteenth-Century America
Clark Justin 2012-13 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of Southern California PhD candidate Training the Eyes: Romantic Vision and Class Formation in Boston, 1830-1870
Clark Thomas 2005-6 Ebeling University of Kassel assistant professor Toquevillian Moments: Transatlantic Visions of an American Republican Culture
Clarke Frances 2012-13 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of Sydney lecturer Minors in the Military: A History of Child Soldiers from the Revolution to the Civil War
Clavin Matthew 2003-4 Peterson American University PhD candidate Men of Color, to Arms!
Clytus Radiclani 2009-10 Center for Historic American Visual Culture Tufts University assistant professor Envision Slavery: American Abolitionism and the Primacy of the Visual
Cobb David 1973-74 Mellon short-term fellow University of Indiana librarian Bibliography of maps for the New England states
Cockrell Dale 1983-84 AAS-NEH Middlebury College assistant professor The Journals of the Hutchinson Family
Cockrell Dale 1994-95 AAS-NEH College of William and Mary David N and Margaret C Bottoms professor Demons of Disorder: The Early Blackface Minstrel and His World
Cockshut Gillian 1985 Peterson Worcester Polytechnic Institute The American Pattern of Childhood
Coclanis Peter 1977-78 Daniels Columbia University PhD candidate Economy and Society in Colonial Charleston
Coens Thomas 2002-3 Peterson Harvard University PhD candidate The Formation of the Jackson Party, 1822 - 1829
Cohen Daniel 1992-93 Botein Florida International University assistant professor Beyond Domesticity: Literary Images of Working-Class Women, 1790-1860
Cohen Daniel 2007-8 AAS-NEH Case Western Reserve University associate professor Burning the Charlestown Convent: Private Lives, Public Outrage, and Contested Memory in Nineteenth-Century America
Cohen Joanna 2007-8 Last University of Pennsylvania PhD candidate "'Millions of Luxurious Citizens': Consumption and citizenship in New York and Philadelphia, 1815-1876"
Cohen Kenneth 2006-7 AHPCS University of Delaware PhD candidate 'To Give Good Sport': The Making and Meaning of Sporting Leisure in Early America, 1750-1840
Cohen Lara 2008-9 Botein Wayne State University assistant professor "Counterfeit Presentments: Fraud and the Production of Nineteenth-Century American Literature."
Cohen Lara 2011-12 AAS-NEH Wayne State University assistant professor Notes from Underground: Nineteenth-Century American Print Subcultures
Cohen Lester 1981-82 Daniels Purdue University associate professor The Origins of American Liberalism, 1780-1820
Cohen Michael 2005-6 Tracy New York University PhD. Candidate Poetic Discourses in America, 1870-1915
Cohen Patricia 1977-78 Daniels UC Santa Barbara assistant professor Americans and Numbers
Cohen Patricia 1987-88 AAS-NEH UC Santa Barbara associate professor Safety and Danger: Women in Public
Cohen Patricia 2001-2 Mellon Distinguished Scholar in Residence University of California, Santa Barbara professor Thomas Low Nichols and Mary Gove Nichols: Sex and Marriage Reform in the 1840s
Cokinos Christopher 1998 Artist Manhattan, KS Creative writer Research American attitudes toward and representations of now-extinct bird species and subspecies
Cole Phyllis 2004-5 Peterson Penn State Delaware County professor "Feminist Writers and the Periodical Press in Antebellum America"
Coleman Dawn 2006-7 NEMLA University of Tennessee assistant professor Preaching and the Rise of the American Novel
Coleman William 2015-16 Last Washington University in St. Louis Postdoctoral Fellow Domestic Bliss: The Artist and the Country House in Nineteenth-Century America
Collier Jessica 2010-11 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of California, Irvine PhD candidate The Transcendental Classroom: Childhood Education and Literary Culture in Antebellum America
Conger Vivian 1989-90 Hiatt Cornell University PhD candidate Being Weak of Body but Firm of Mind and Memory: Widowhood in Colonial America, 1630-1750
Conrad Barbara 1994 K-12 California High School, San Ramon, California teacher American Music
Conrad JoAnn 2017-18 Lapides California State University, East Bay adjunct professor Women's Work: Women Illustrators in Commercial Media during the Golden Age of Illustration
Cook Jonathan 1998-99 Peterson The Apocalyptic Imagination in the American Renaissance
Cooke Nym 1982-83 Hiatt Eagle Hill School Lives of the Psalmodists
Cooke Nym 1992-93 AAS-NEH Eagle Hill School Sacred Music in New England, 1720-1780: From Ritual Towards Art
Cooley Nicole 1999 Artist New York, NY Poet The Afflicted Girls: A book of poetry about the Salem witch trials
Cooper Abigail 2016-17 AAS-NEH Brandeis University assistant professor of history ‘Lord, Until I Reach My Home’: Inside the Refugee Camps of the American Civil War
Cooper Benjamin 2011-12 Peterson Washington University in St Louis lecturer Writing American Soldiers: Nineteenth-Century Varieties of Military Experience
Corman Catherine 2000-1 AAS-NEH Harvard University assistant professor Reading, Writing, and Removal: Native American Literacies, 1820-1851
Cornell Saul 1987-88 Hiatt University of Pennsylvania Andrew W Mellon Fellow The Political Thought and Culture of the Antifederalists
Corrigan John 1990-91 RA University of Virginia assistant professor Reason, Passion, and Religion in the Eighteenth Century
Cotlar Seth 1997-98 Peterson Northwestern University PhD candidate In Paine's Absence: The Europeanization of American Political Thought, 1787-1803
Cotlar Seth 2015-16 Last Willamette University professor When the Olden Days Were New: A Cultural History of Nostalgia in Modernizing America, 1776-1860
Countryman Edward 1983-84 Haven Warwick University senior lecturer Liberty, Liberalism, and the Making of Republican America
Couto Nancy Vieira 1995 Artist Ithaca, NY Poet Book of poems and prose pieces on America Vesspucci
Coward John 2010-11 AHPCS University of Tulsa associate professor Cartooning with Savages: A Cultural History of Native American Images in the Popular Press
Crabtree Sarah 2013-14 ASECS San Francisco State University Assistant Professor of History Walled Gardens: The Society of Friends, Nationalism, and the Common School, 1770-1840
Crain Patricia 1992-93 Hiatt Columbia University PhD candidate Cultures of Reading in the American Renaissance
Crain Patricia 1997-98 ASECS Princeton University assistant professor The Story of A: Alphabetization and American Literature from The New England Primer to The Scarlet Letter
Crain Patricia 2005-6 AAS-NEH University of Minnesota associate professor Spectral Literacy: Children, Property, and Media in the Nineteenth Century United States
Crane Jacob 2013-14 Schiller Tufts University PhD candidate Walled Gardens: The Society of Friends, Nationalism, and the Common School, 1770-1840
Crawford Nicholas 2018-19 AAS-ASECS Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse postdoctoral fellow Sustaining Slavery: Plantation Provisioning and the Politics of Health in the British Caribbean, c. 1775-1838


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