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Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Wagner William 2006-7 Legacy University of California, Berkeley PhD candidate Divided Landscapes: Geographic Literacy and the Mapping of Sectional Conflict in America, 1846-1865
Waldstreicher David 1992-93 Peterson Yale PhD. Candidate Nationalism and Celebration in Post-Revolutionary America, 1780-1836
Walgren Kent 1995-96 Peterson Salt Lake City, Utah Assistant Attorney General Bibliography of American Masonic and Antimasonic Imprints, 1734-1850
Walker Rachel 2015-16 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of Maryland PhD candidate A Beautiful Mind: Reading Faces in the Ango-Atlantic World, 1760-1860
Walker Rachel 2018-19 Last University of Maryland, College Park Ph.D. candidate in history A Beautiful Mind: Faces, Beauty, and the Brain in the Anglo-Atlantic World, 1780-1870
Walker Jeffrey 1992-93 ASECS Oklahoma State University associate professor Collegiate Literary Culture in Eighteenth-Century America
Walkup Kathleen 2014-15 Botein Mills College Professor of Book Arts Printing at the Margins
Waller Nicole 2007-8 Ebeling Johannes Gutenberg-Universität (Mainz) junior professor American Encounters with Islam in the Atlantic World
Waller Altina 2001-2 AAS-NEH University of Connecticut professor Margaret Eaton, Sexuality and Empowerment in Jacksonian America
Walsh Megan 2019-20 AAS-NEH St. Bonaventure University Professor of English Bad Archives: Extra-Illustration and the History of Information Management in the U.S.
Walsh Megan 2013-14 NEMLA St. Bonaventure University assistant professor Broadview Editon of Frank J. Webb's 'The Garies and Their Friends'
Ward William 1987-88 Peterson University of Durham professor emeritus An International History ofthe Great Awakening
Warner Michael 1986-87 AAS-NEH Northwestern University assistant professor The Letters of the Republic
Warren Wendy 2005-6 Peterson Yale University PhD. Candidate African Slavery in New England, 1638-1700
Watkins Jordan 2015-16 Peterson Utah Valley University adjunct 'Another Attucks': The African-American Response to Dred Scott
Watson Patricia 1984-85 Hiatt Johns Hopkins University PhD candidate Preacher-Physicians of Colonial New England
Way Peter 1988-89 Hiatt University of Maryland PhD candidate Rough Labor: The Digging of North America's Canals, 1780-1860
Wegner Joanne 2014-15 Peterson University of Minnesota Ph.D. Candidate in History Captive Economies: Commodified Bodies in Colonial New England, 1630-1763
Weicksel Sarah 2013-14 Center for Historic American Visual Culture University of Chicago PhD candidate The Fabric of War: Clothing, Culture, and Violence in the American Civil War Era
Weierman Karen 2000-1 AAS-NEH Worcester State College assistant professor One Nation, One Blood: Interracial Marriage in American Fiction, Scandal, and Law, 1820-1870
Weikle-Mills Courtney 2008-9 Reese University of Pittsburgh assistant professor "Imaginary Citizens: Child Readers and the Making of a U.S. Literary Public, 1700-1852."
Weimer Adrian 2017-18 AAS-NEH Providence College associate professor of history Godly Petitions: Puritanism and the Crisis of the Restoration in America
Weimer Adrian 2010-11 Peterson University of Mississippi assistant professor A Cultural History of Afflictions and Consolation in Early New England
Weir David 1984-85 Hiatt Princeton University PhD candidate The Convenant in New England, 1620-80
Weisberg Barbara 1998 Artist New York, NY Writer and producer Research for a non-fiction children's book about the Fox sisters
Wells Andrew 2019-20 Ebeling University of Greifswald Alfried Krupp Junior Fellow, Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg Localising Liberty: Freedom in the Ruban British Atlantic, 1660-1760
Wendt Holly 2014 Baron Casper, WY Novelist Research for novel about Capt Samuel "Black Sam" Bellamy, set between 1714-1716
Wertheim Aubrey 1996 Artist Oberlin, OH Playwright A full length one woman show about Fanny Fern, the first female American columnist
Wessel Carola 2002-3 University of Goettingen University of Goettingen research librarian Bibliography and Editions of German Language Broadsides Printed in North America, 1700-1830
West Michael 1985-86 Peterson University of Pittsburgh professor Thoreau and the Search for the language of Nature, 1690-1865'
Westbrook Ellen 1992-93 Peterson Southern Mississippi University assistant professor Cultural Captives: Euro Amer Indian Literary Landscapes
Wetherell Charles 1978-79 Daniels University of New Hampshire PhD candidate A Social History of the Early American Press
Wewers Daniel 2005-6 Peterson Harvard University PhD. Candidate Divisible Under God: American Religion, Politics, and the Idea of Secession, 1783-1833
Weyler Karen 1995-96 Botein UNC, Chapel Hill PhD candidate Issues of Privacy and Publicity in the Early American Novel
Wheeler Rachel 1996-97 Peterson Yale University PhD candidate Forgotten Conversation: The Indian European Negotiation of Religion in the Eighteenth Century Northeast
White Shane 1990-91 Peterson University of Sydney lecturer Black Festivals in the United States, 1750-1860
Whiting Gloria 2012-13 Peterson Harvard University PhD candidate 'Endearing Ties': Black Family Life in Early New England
Wiener Ellen 2002 Hearst Princeton, NJ Painter, printmaker, book artist A new 'Book of Hours' using imagery from nineteenth century sources
Wilf Steven 1988-89 Hiatt Yale University PhD candidate Public Executions and the Rituals of Order in the Late 18th Century
Willberg Kriota 2006 Hearst New York, NY Choreographer Updated version for a performance of The Black Crook 
Williams Daniel 1993-94 ASECS University of Mississippi associate professor The Theft of Authorship
Williams Trudy 2019 Baron Leeds, MA Dramatist Complex Harmony: Music, Walt Whitman, and the Railroads
Williams Susan 1997-98 Botein Ohio State University associate professor Writing Home: Female Authorship and Print Culture in America, 1820-00
Williams J. Gary 1983-84 Haven University of Idaho associate professor James Fenimore Cooper's Notions of the Americans
Williams Harry 1985-86 Haven Brown University PhD candidate Charles Lenox Remond and the Community of Female Abolitionists
Williams-Witherspoon Kimmika 1996 Artist Philadelphia, PA Performance poet Life and Times of Lucy Terry
Wilson Jennifer 2009-10 Peterson The Graduate Center, The City University of New York PhD candidate Performing Frenchness in Nineteenth-Century New York and New Orleans: Francois Boieldieu's 'La Dame Blanche'; Daniel Auber's 'La Muette de Portici'; Giacomo Meyerbeer's 'Robert le Diable' and 'Les Huguenots'; and Jacques Offenbach's 'La Grande-Duchesse de
Wilson Lisa 2010-11 AAS-NEH Connecticut College professor Cinderella's Family
Winans Robert 1979-80 Daniels Wayne State University assistant professor A Descriptive Checklist of Book Catalouges Separately Printed in American, 1639-1800, Part 2
Winans Robert 1984-85 Boni Wayne State University assistant professor Checklist of Catalogues of Books printed in 18th-century American Newspapers
Winch Julie 1987-88 Peterson University of Massachusetts, Boston assistant professor American Free Black and Emigration to Haiti in the 1820's
Wingate Jordan 2018-19 Tracy University of California, Los Angeles Ph.D. candidate in English The Periodical Origins of the American Self
Winkler Louis 1978-79 Daniels Pennsylvania State University astronomer Popular Astronomical and Astrological Thought in New England before 1800
Winship Michael 1989-90 Peterson University of Texas, Austin editor Publishers Trade Sales in the Nineteeth Century United States
Winship Michael 2009-10 AAS-NEH University of Texas professor Reaching the Market: Book Distribution in the United States, 1825-1950
Winship Michael 1993-94 AAS-NEH University of Texas, Austin associate professor The American Book in the Industrial Era
Wirzbicki Peter 2014-15 Packer University of Chicago Collegiate Assistant Professor, Harper/Schmidt Society of Fellows Black Intellectuals, White Abolitionists, and Revolutionary Transcendentalists
Wisecup Kelly 2014-15 Peterson University of North Texas Assistant Professor of English Objects of Encounter
Withington Ann 1991-92 AAS-NEH Michigan State University assistant professor Elite and Popular Culture in the Confederation and Early National Period
Wittmann Matthew 2005-6 Peterson University of Michigan PhD. Candidate American Popular Culture and the Pacific World in the Nineteenth-Century
Wojtusik Barbara 1993-94 Peterson Bristol, CT, Eastern High School teacher The Somers Mutiny
Wolff Stephanie 2013 Jay and Deborah Last Norwich, VT Visual artist Research for a suite of artist books and prints focusing thematically on weather and its intersection with human experience, with specific focus on the diaries of anna Blackwood Howell
Wolffe John 1988-89 Peterson York College lecturer Aspects of Anti Catholicism in the United States, 1830-60
Woloson Wendy 2005-6 Peterson Library Company of Philadelphia curator Underground Economies: People, Markets, and Used Goods in 18th- and 19th-Century America
Woo Ilyon 2004-5 Peterson Columbia University Ph.D. candidate "Mother against Mother"
Wood Marcus 1992-93 Peterson Worcester College, Oxford Aboliton Propaganda in Britiain and the United States, 1780-1860
Wood Joseph 1988-89 Peterson George Mason University associate professor The Literary Origins of New England Village Symobolism
Woods Andrea 1996 Artist Brooklyn, NY Dancer, choreographer Ballad of the Black Cowboy
Woodward Walter 1997-98 Peterson University of Connecticut PhD candidate The Magic in Colonization: Religion, Science and the Occult in the Creation of New England Culture
Wright Nazera 2013-14 Ford University of Kentucky Assistant Professor of English Girlhood in African American Literature, 1827-1949
Wright Ben 2015-16 Peterson Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College assistant professor Antislavery and American Salvation
Wright Robert 1974-75 Daniels Michigan State University professor Music and Broadside Ballad Collections for Ballads and Songs of the Western Migration, vol 3
Wright Robert 1999-00 Peterson Temple University visiting assistant professor Early American Finance: Revolution, Integration, Expansion
Wrightson Nicholas 2006-7 Peterson Jesus College, Oxford University PhD. Candidate "Locating Philadelphia in the Print Culture of the British Atlantic World, c. 1730-65"
Wulf Karin 2000-1 ASECS American University assistant professor In the Shade of the Family Tree: Genealogy and Representation of Family Identity in Early America
Wyss Hilary 2006-7 ASECS Auburn University associate professor Native Literacy and Education in Early America

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