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Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Adelman Joseph 2007-8 Botein Johns Hopkins University PhD candidate "The Business of Politics: Printers and the Emergence of Political Communications Networks, 1765-1789"
Andrews Edward 2007-8 Peterson University of New Hampshire PhD candidate "Saints our of Savages: Native American and African Missionaries, 1750-1775"
Bell Richard 2007-8 AAS-NEH University of Maryland assistant professor Do Not Despair: Suicide, Property, and Power in the Newly United States
Bilby Amanda 2007-8 Peterson Johns Hopkins University PhD candidate "Letters, Recipes, and Gifts: Exploring Transatlantic Female Alliances within the Pollard and Salisbury Families"
Block Laurie 2007 Hearst Conway, MA Filmmaker Research for documentary about Helen Keller
Carter Sarah 2007-8 Last Harvard University PhD candidate "Object Lessons in Nineteenth-Century America"
Cohen Daniel 2007-8 AAS-NEH Case Western Reserve University associate professor Burning the Charlestown Convent: Private Lives, Public Outrage, and Contested Memory in Nineteenth-Century America
Cohen Joanna 2007-8 Last University of Pennsylvania PhD candidate "'Millions of Luxurious Citizens': Consumption and citizenship in New York and Philadelphia, 1815-1876"
D'Amore Maura 2007-8 Drawn to Art University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill PhD candidate "Suburban Men: Masculine Domesticity in Nineteenth-Century America"
DeLombard Jeannine 2007-8 AAS-NEH University of Toronto associate professor Ebony Idols: Famous Fugitive Slaves in Britain before the Civil War
DiIorio Gino 2007 Baron New York, NY Playwright Research into life of Edmund Ross, southern politician who cast the deciding vote, insuring that President Andrew Johnson would be spared impeachment
Durrow Heidi 2007 Baron Los Angeles, CA Fiction writer Research for novel about Miss Lala, famous strongwoman, circus aerialist and acrobat of the Victorian era
Elkins Kimberly 2007 Hearst New York, NY Fiction writer Research for novel set from 1829-1876 about the lives of Laura Bridgman, Julia Ward Howe, and Sara Wright
Fisher Linford 2007-8 Peterson Harvard University PhD candidate "The Politics of Conversion: Indian Agency, Religious Change, and Race in Southern New England, 1736-1775"
Frang Joanna 2007-8 Last Brandeis University PhD candidate "Becoming American on the Grand Tour, 1750-1830"
George Angela 2007-8 Last University of Maryland PhD candidate "The Old World: Unearthing Mesoamerican Antiquity in the Art and Culture of the United States, 1839-1893"
Gitelman Lisa 2007-8 Last Catholic University associate professor "Early Photographs of Words Backwards"
Gladman Lisa 2007-08 Last Catholic Associate Professor Early Photographs of Words Backwards
Gross Jonathan 2007-8 Peterson DePaul University professor "Thomas Jefferson's Scrapbooks: Prose Clippings"
Hinz-Bode Kristina 2007-8 Ebeling University of Kassel assistant professor America's Cultural Deficits: A Transatlantic Debate and Its Reflection in American Literature
Hughes Jennifer 2007-8 Last Emory University PhD candidate "Telling Laughter: A Cultural History of American Humor, 1830-1900"
Isenberg Nancy 2007-8 Peterson University of Tulsa associate professor Dirty Politics in Early America
Johnston Patricia 2007-8 Last Salem State College professor "Martyrs, Riots, Nuns, and Peasants"
Jones Paul 2007-8 Peterson Ohio University assistant professor The Newgate Novel Comes to America: Antebellum Crime Fiction and the Anti-Gallows Movement
Kabala James 2007-8 Legacy Brown University PhD candidate "A Christian Nation?: Religion and the State in the Early American Republic, 1787-1844"
Kilbride Daniel 2007-8 Peterson John Carroll University associate professor "The Grand Tour: European Travelers and American National Identities, 1750-1870"
Komanecky Michael 2007-8 Last independent scholar "Carleton Watkins' Photographs of the California Missions"
Leavenworth Peter 2007-8 AAS-NEH University of New Hampshire PhD candidate Accounting for Taste: The American Music Business in the Early Republic and Confrontations in Music Aesthetics, 1770-1825
Lovell Margaretta 2007-08 Mellon Distinguished Scholar California at Berkeley Professor of the History of Art Painting the Inhabited Landscape: Fitz H. Lane and Winslow Homer
McCoubrey Sarah 2007 Jay and Deborah Last Fayetteville, NY Painter Research to create "Hannah Morse: Landscape Painter", a fictive archive consisting of photographs, artifacts, letter, etc.
McKito Valerie 2007-8 Peterson Texas Tech University PhD candidate "In the Shadow of Victory: Loyalists in the Aftermath of the Revolution"
Messer Peter 2007-8 ASECS Mississippi State University assistant professor Revolution by Committee: Law, Language, and Ritual in Revolutionary America
Morgan Jo-Ann 2007-8 Last Coastal Carolina University assistant professor "Mammies, Mulattos, and Matriarchs: African American Women in Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture"
Morse Kathryn 2007-8 AHPCS Middlebury College associate professor "The View from Here: American Environmental History through Images"
Pappas Nikos 2007-8 Reese University of Kentucky PhD candidate "Sacred Music Tune Index of Southern and Western Source Material (1760-1870)
Petrino Elizabeth 2007-8 Reese Fairfield University associate professor "'Kitchen in Parnassus': Lydia Sigourney as Poet, Activist, and Historian"
Purcell Sarah 2007-8 Peterson Grinnell College associate professor The Politics of Mourning and the U.S. Civil War
Reed Peter 2007-8 NEMLA Florida State University instructor "Captivating Performances: Staging Atlantic Underclasses, 1777-1852"
Roberts Kyle 2007-8 Hench University of Pennsylvania Ph.D. candidate Evangelical Gotham: Popular Religious Belief in New York City, 1783-1845
Robertson Stacey 2007-8 Tracy Bradley University associate professor "'Hearts Beating for Liberty': Women Abolitionists in the Old Northwest"
Sachs Aaron 2007-8 Peterson Cornell University assistant professor "Death and Life in the American Environment: Radical Arcadias of the Nineteenth Century"
Santoro Lily 2007-8 Peterson University of Delaware PhD candidate "The Science of God's Creation: Popular Science and Christianity in the Early Republic"
Tetrault Lisa 2007-8 Peterson Carnegie Mellon University assistant professor "Memory of a Movement: Re-Imagining Woman Suffrage in Reconstruction America, 1865-1895"
Valsania Maurizio 2007-8 Last University of Torino, Italy associate professor The Curse of History: Leaders' Distrust of American History, 1783-1828
Waller Nicole 2007-8 Ebeling Johannes Gutenberg-Universität (Mainz) junior professor American Encounters with Islam in the Atlantic World
Yankaskas Lynda 2007-8 Botein Brandeis University PhD candidate "Borrowing Culture: Social Libraries and the Shaping of American Civic Life, 1731-1851"
Zundo Mary 2007-8 Last University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign PhD candidate "Mapping Destiny: Cartography and Nineteenth-Century American Art of the Frontier"

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