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Fellowship Affiliation Position Project
Bernstein Robin 2008-9 Last Harvard University assistant professor "Racial Innocence: The Uses of Childhood in U.S. Racial Formation 1852-1930."
Braun Juliane 2008-9 Ebeling Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz Ph.D. candidate Petit Paris en Amérique? – French Theatrical Culture in Nineteenth-Century Louisiana
Carlson-Bradley Martha 2008 Baron Hillsborough, NH Poet Research for collection of poems, New England Primer
Carroll Brian 2008-9 Peterson University of Connecticut PhD candidate "Military Masculinities in New England: Anglo-American and Native-American Soldiers, 1689-1763."
Cohen Lara 2008-9 Botein Wayne State University assistant professor "Counterfeit Presentments: Fraud and the Production of Nineteenth-Century American Literature."
Eastman Carolyn 2008-9 Last University of Texas assistant professor "Learning to See: Gender in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World."
Edelstein Sari 2008-9 Peterson Brandeis University PhD candidate "The Novel & the News: Women and the Politics of U.S. Print Culture before 1900."
Eustace Nicole 2008-9 Peterson New York University assistant professor "War Ardor: Sex and Sentiment in the War of 1812."
Fagan Benjamin 2008-9 Tracy University of Virginia PhD candidate "'Righteousness Exalteth a Nation': Practices of Black Nationalism, 1827-1860."
Forbes Erin 2008-9 Peterson Princeton University PhD candidate "Popular Crime Writing and the Publications of David Walker and Edgar Allan Poe."
Garvey Ellen 2008-9 Peterson New Jersey City University associate professor "Book, Paper, Scissors: Scrapbooks Remake American Print Culture."
Gould Sarah 2008-9 Last University of Michigan PhD candidate "Seeing American: The Visual Representation of Race in Early American Children's Literature and Games."
Gunn Robert 2008-9 Peterson The University of Texas at El Paso assistant professor "Ethnology and Empire: John Russell Bartlett and the U.S./Mexico Borderlands."
Gwartney Debra 2008 Baron Eugene, OR Non-fiction writer Research of book on Narcissa Prentiss Whitman, the first European woman to cross the Rocky Mountains in 1836
Hurley Natasha 2008-9 ASECS University of Alberta postdoctoral fellow "The Child of Circulation in American Literature: The Case of Robinson Crusoe."
Jackson-Opoku Sandra 2008 Hearst Chicago, IL Novelist God's Gift to the Natives, a novel that explores one musician's enigmatic life and tragic death, while also charting the history and movement of the African diaspora
Kaja Jeffrey 2008-9 Peterson University of Michigan PhD candidate "From Rivers to Roads: Economic Development and the Evolution of Transportation Systems in Early Pennsylvania, 1675-1800."
Katz Wendy 2008-9 Last University of Nebraska-Lincoln associate professor "The Politics of Art Criticism in the Penny Press, 1833-1862."
Kelley Sean 2008-9 AAS-NEH Hartwick College associate professor "Gone to Africa: A Rhode Island Slave Ship and the Making of a Diaspora"
Klimasmith Betsy 2008-9 Botein University of Massachusetts, Boston associate professor "Cities and Seductions: Sex and Early American Urban Fiction."
Lepler Jessica 2008-9 Hench University of New Hampshire assistant professor 1837: Anatomy of a Panic
Malcom Allison 2008-9 Legacy University of Illinois-Chicago PhD candidate "A Protestant Patriotism: Anti-Catholicism and the Rise of Nationhood in North America, 1830-1870."
Masten April 2008-9 Peterson State University of New York, Stony Brook associate professor "The Challenge Dance: Transatlantic Exchange in Early American Popular Culture."
Mears Tanya 2008-9 Peterson Norfolk State University assistant professor "'To Lawless Rapine Bred': Early New England Execution Literature Featuring People of African Descent."
Merritt Jane 2008-9 Peterson Old Dominion University associate professor "The Trouble with Tea: Consumption, Politics, and the Making of a Global Colonial Economy."
Muller Kevin 2008-9 Last University of California at Berkeley lecturer "An Undergraduate Course on Visual Culture in American Life, 1600-1900"
Nelson Adam 2008-9 AAS-NEH University of Wisconsin, Madison associate professor "Nationalism, Internationalism, and the Origins of the American University"
Nelson Megan 2008-9 Last California State University, Fullerton assistant professor "Flesh and Stone: Ruins and the Civil War."
Neuman Meredith 2008-9 AAS-NEH Clark University assistant professor "Letter and Spirit"
Parisian Catherine 2008-9 Reese independent scholar "A Publication History of the Works of Frances Burney."
Patenaude Monique 2008-9 Peterson University of Rochester PhD candidate "Comparative History of Black Communities in Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, NY, 1840-1870."
Patterson Cynthia 2008-9 Last University of South Florida, Lakeland assistant professor "'Exclusively from Original Designs': The Philadelphia Pictorials and the Graphic Arts."
Pratt Lloyd 2008-9 NEMLA Michigan State University assistant professor The Freedoms of a Stranger, 1830-1860
Pritchard Janet 2008 Jay and Deborah Last Mansfield Center, CT Photographier Views from Wonderland: exploration of making of Yellowstone National Park from 1870s - 1890s
Roberge Celeste 2008 Hearst Gainesville, FL Sculptor Research on American furniture - its fabrication, use, history, and depiction in American painting, photography, and sculpture
Roylance Patricia 2008-9 Last Syracuse University assistant professor "Eclipse of Empire."
Schindler Sabine 2008-9 Ebeling Martin Luther Univeristy Ph.D. candidate Talk of the Nation: Public speaking, Cultural Performance, and the Negotiation of National Identity in Nineteenth-Century America, 1840-1880
Schweiger Beth 2008-9 AAS-NEH University of Arkansas associate professor "Reading before Literacy: The Uses of English Grammar in the Early Nineteenth Century"
Siegel Nancy 2008-9 Last Juniata College assistant professor "Bodily Functions as Body Politic: Scenes of Protest in Eighteenth-Century Prints."
Sisson Kelly 2008-9 Peterson University of Michigan PhD candidate "King Corn in American Culture, 1862-1936."
Smith Laura 2008-9 Drawn-to-Art University of New Hampshire lecturer "Material Domesticity: Textiles in Elizabeth Stoddard's 'The Morgesons'."
Spires Derrick 2008-9 Peterson Vanderbilt University PhD candidate "Reimagining a 'Beautiful but Baneful Object': Black Writers' Theories of Citizenship and Nation in the Antebellum U.S."
Stubenrauch Joseph 2008-9 Last Indiana University PhD candidate "Faith in Goods: Religion and the Consumer Revolution."
Van Horn Jennifer 2008-9 AHPCS University of Virginia PhD candidate "The Object of Civility and the Art of Politeness in British America (1740-1780)."
Weikle-Mills Courtney 2008-9 Reese University of Pittsburgh assistant professor "Imaginary Citizens: Child Readers and the Making of a U.S. Literary Public, 1700-1852."

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