Jacksonian Era Subjects


trengths of the William C. Cook Jacksonian Era Collection dovetail with areas of significant holdings already at AAS, making a whole that is greater than its parts.

AAS stacksA shelf full of the almost eighty Jackson biographies and memoirs in the William C. Cook Jacksonian Era Collection

The William C. Cook Jacksonian Era Collection deliberately extends its scope to cover subject areas of interest throughout the entire era and does not limit itself just to Andrew Jackson himself 

For instance, Washington, D.C., and Tennesseetwo sites that were among the most important in Jackson’s lifeare well represented in the William C. Cook Jacksonian Era Collection and in the Antiquarian Society’s holdings generally. Biographies of historical individuals are another strength of AAS collections that has been enhanced by the Jacksonian Era Collection. The Society is particularly committed to providing resources for the study of underrepresented groups such as Native Americans and African Americans, and some information on their experiences can be gleaned from this collection. AAS is known as one of the premier places to study early American book history and the William C. Cook Jacksonian Era Collection has added many examples of early campaign biographies and later representations of Jackson in history texts through the twentieth century. These books have the potential to lead to significant insights into how historical individuals are represented over time. 

Presented here as points of departure are just a few of literally hundreds of possible subject areas that could be studied using the Jacksonian Era Collection. Feel free to find your own by browsing catalog records for the entire collection.