Congressionaland State Government Almanac for1835


AAS already had a copy of the Congressional and State Government Almanac for 1835, which, thought titled Almanac is really more of a directory. However, a second copy was acquired when close comparison revealed that the William C. Cook Jacksonian Era Collection copy has a stop-press correction that is not just correcting a typographical error, but instead added additional information. Can you spot it? (Also notice the "4" in the page number has been knocked slightly askew, presumably when the printer unlocked the forme and adjusted the type to add new information.) One other interesting aspect of the newly-added almanac/directory is the doodle in the margin of page 16 that declares: "Huzza for Jackson The next Senate will [be] for him." Stop press corrections, additional information, or unique annotations by readers are all reasons AAS might keep multiple copies of the same edition.


Congressional and State Government Almanac for 1835


Washington, D.C.: Printed by J. Elliot, Jr.


1835 [i.e. 1834]

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