The Song of the Weavers


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The mill girls spent long hours doing arduous and often mind-numbing labor every day, and songs, like this one, would have been one way to take their minds off repetitive tasks. As with "Song of the Spinners," this song’s refrain centers on the hope for day’s end. While the song is a good distraction, it also provides insight into their lives and what they did in their free time as well as what they found relatable, comforting, and fun. The lyrics read:

To cheerfulness inclining, Our thoughts a blessing bring;
We yield not to repining, When cheerily merrily we can sing?
O why should melancholy O’er us its shadow fling?
To sigh is surely folly, When cheerily merrily we can sing.

All day we have been weaving, And soon the bells will ring;
But why should we be grieving, When cheerily merrily we can sing?
Tho’ few our leisure hours, And time is on the wing,
Hope strews our path with flowers, And cheerily merrily we will sing.

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The Song of the Weavers




The Lowell Offering
Vol. 1
pg. 65




Songs--United States--Periodicals
Labor--Songs and music


Lowell, Massachusetts


Unsigned , “The Song of the Weavers,” Mill Girls in Nineteenth-Century Print, accessed June 17, 2021,