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Children's Favorite, Animals & Birds

First published in 1866, this copy of Children’s Favorite Animals & Birds was retained as a plate house copy by McLoughlin Brothers and was filed in its archives for reference. The book was one of six titles in the Favorite Series, which retailed…

Minty Green

Like their father and Robert H. Elton before them, the McLoughlin brothers included games and paper toys in their stock from the beginning of the firm in 1858. They produced an extensive line of paper dolls, starting with tiny one-cent dolls (Series…

The Noisy Boy

This very modest printing was marketed at the lowest end of the McLoughlin Brothers’ catalog, retailing at one cent per copy. The books sold to retailers at one dollar for a gross (144 copies), so the profit on their sale was attractive to resellers.…

Cock Robin

One reason for the success of McLoughlin Brothers was its early adaptation and commitment to issuing books in series, such as the Aunt Oddamadodd, Fairy Moonbeam, and Big Picture Books series. Retelling stories, reusing illustrations, and repurposing…

Pied Piper Playing for the Children

From its earliest days until the twentieth century, McLoughlin Brothers published many editions of the traditional rhymes of Mother Goose, often reusing artwork from edition to edition. The original watercolors for Mother Goose were kept on file and…

Picture Alphabet

While issuing books as part of a series was a marketing strategy employed by many booksellers, McLoughlin Brothers took the practice to a new level. The back cover of Picture Alphabet, published by McLoughlin Brothers in the 1860s, gives a good sense…