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S. Kendall watch maker and silversmith Hallowell

Engraved watch paper with view of a harbor at right with buildings and a ship. Bordered with text: Keep constantly on hand new watches & jewelry for sale. To make the watch go faster turn the regulator with the sun and slower against it.


David Brown Pawtucket, R.I. Watch furniture, jewelry &c.

Engraved watch paper with a sign hanging outside of a building with a pocket watch at top. Has beaded borders.

H. Solomon from Liverpool patent lever watch maker n. 63 Court St. Boston. Jewellery & plate neatly repaired & engraved.

Engraved watch paper with image of a woman standing beside the advertisement with a clock in her hand and an urn seen behind her hand. A town is seen in the distance at left.

Printed in blue ink.

Inscribed on verso: May 1819.

5.4 cm.…

Willard & Hawley watch paper.

Line-engraving. Below watchmaker name reads "Dealers & repair all kinds of Watches, Jewellry [sic] & c." View of buildings, bridge, boat, and carriage with horses. "11046" inserted in ink at bottom left corner. Banded border. On paper.

William Settle watch paper.

Johnstown, Montgomery County., NY.
Line-engraving. Seated woman wearing crown and holding caduceus in her proper right hand, and large key in her proper left. Oval with picture of building beneath her proper left elbow, and stylized leaves beneath…

S. Roberts watch paper.

Line-engraving. Depiction of storefront. Above window and door read watchmaker name and address, respectively. Hanging watches perceptible through window. Banded and lined border. On paper.

Sullivan Kendall watch paper.

Line-engraving. Pile of rocks and foliage frame watchmaker name and address. Buildings and ship in background on left. Lined border. On paper.

Goodwin & Dodd watch paper.

West Side of Court House Square, Hartford, CT.
Line-engraving. Large stone, covered with vines, contains watchmaker name and address, as well as phrase "Chains, Seals, Keys." View of buildings in background, on left. Lined border within which reads…

Dueber Watch Case Manufacturing Co. watch paper.

Line-engraving. View of factory buildings. Reads in center "This will certify that accompanying 14 Karat Special Gold Filled Watch Case, No. [blank with pink stain] Was manufactured by us with the same care as we use in the manufacture of solid gold…

Charles A. Droz watch paper.

No. 118 Walnut Street, three doors below Fifth, Philadelphia.
Line-engraving. View of Masonic Hall. Lined and ornamental border of circles. Uncut and blue ink on paper.