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James Collins watch paper.

Line-engraving. Two masons with several Masonic emblems including eye of God, two columns with an arch, a shovel, a pick-ax, a stick, and a compass, labeled with a letter "G" within an upside down triangle in the center. Around arch and columns reads…

Anonymous watch paper.

Woodcut. Standing warrior, holding spear in his proper right hand and shield in his proper left, looking back at ocean, ship, and smiling sun at right. Sickle, telescope, compass, and ladder on ground. Trees and buildings in background, at left.…

Anonymous watch paper.

Graphite and watercolor. Seated woman holding compass in her proper right hand, with beehive at her feet, on left, and anchor behind her, on right. Ship in background on right. Green leaves at top. Band of green and blue at bottom. Scalloped-edged.…

Watches & jewelry by Amos Sawyer Salem.

Engraved watch paper with image of an eagle holding a banner in its beak with a scythe and compass below it. At bottom are two allegorical female figures, each holding a watch, with the sun seen between them.

Inscribed on verso: March 26 1829