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E.H. Nutter & Co. watch paper.

No. 6 Maine Street, Dover, NH.
Line-engraving. Above watchmaker name reads "Watches & Clocks Repaired and Warranted By," and below address "Watches, Jewelry and Silver Ware for Sale." Banded, lined, and scalloped border. Yellow and black ink on…

James A. Horne watch paper.

No. 25 Central Street, Dover, NH.
Line-engraving? Below watchmaker name reads "Watch Maker & Dealer in Watches, Jewelry, Silver Ware &c." Banded, lined, and ornamental border within which reads "Watches, Clocks & Jewelry Cleaned, Repaired &…

Charles E. Bacon watch maker and jeweller, Central St. Dover, N.H.

Line-engraving. Lined border within which reads "Watches, Jewelry & Silver Ware for Sale," and "Watches, Clocks & Jewelry Repaired & Warranted." Stains scattered over surface Orange and black ink on paper.