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J. Carter clock & watch maker and jeweller [sic] Hanover

Watch paper with geometric border with eye at top and masonic symbol at bottom.

4.9 cm. diameter

Henry Towle watch paper.

Line-engraving. Watchmaker name in banner above which is large eye and below which is a spray of leaves with berries. Lined and ornamental border that depicts sun rays. On paper.

James Collins watch paper.

Line-engraving. Two masons with several Masonic emblems including eye of God, two columns with an arch, a shovel, a pick-ax, a stick, and a compass, labeled with a letter "G" within an upside down triangle in the center. Around arch and columns reads…

Benjamin S. Clark watch paper.

No. 113 Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware.
Similar to previous except reads "No. 113" instead of "No. 95" and on paper.

Benjamin S. Clark watch paper.

No. 95 Market Street, Wilmington, Delaware.
Line-engraving. Eagle holding watch in beak and spray of leaves in claws. Large eye above. Ornamental border of triangles and semicircles. Small piece cut out on upper right corner. On green paper.