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James Appleton, watch maker and jeweller, Middle Street Portland.

Line-engraving. Lined and banded border within which reads "Watches, Clocks & Timepieces," and "Jewelry, Silver Ware & Fancy Goods." Large stain at top half, and hole in part of watchmaker's surname. On paper.

B. & M. Swan watch paper.

Line-engraving. Watchmaker name in banner above and below which is a spray of leaves with berries. Lined and ornamental border that depicts sun rays. Purple and black ink on paper.

Lebbeus Bailey Jr. keeps constantly on hand a general assortment of jewelry, gold & silver watches, silver plated & Britania ware. Eastport.

Watch paper printed on textiles with decorative triangular border.

"Watches ... time pieces of every description repaired."

5 cm. diameter

E. Davis, Gardiner, Maine

Watch paper in the design of a watch face.

Inscribed on verso: June 24th 1829 cleaned

5.4 cm. diameter

Daniel N. Dole, clock & watch maker, Hallowell, (Me.) seals, keys & trinkets

Watch paper with decorative borders.

Inscribed on verso: Nov. 18th 1819 page 92

5.4 cm. diameter

D.N. Dole, clock & watch maker, Hallowell. Seals, keys, &c.

Watch paper with decorative border.

5.5 cm. diameter

Inscribed on verso: 4-2-27

Henry C. Donnell watch paper.

Line-engraving. Reads "Clock and Watch Maker" below watchmaker name and above address. Lined and ornamental border with leaves. Green and black ink on paper.

Gerrish & Pearson watch paper.

74 Exchange Street, Portland, ME.
Similar to previous except "Gerrish & Pearson" listed as watchmaker name, number in oval is "74" and "Jones’s Row" omitted.

Oliver Gerrish watch paper.

3 Exchange Street, Portland, ME.
Line-engraving. Street address number, "3" within small, oval design. Banded and lined border within which reads "Watches, Clocks, Watch Materials, Gold & Gilt Chains, Seals, Keys &c." On paper.