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Asa Wilkins watch paper.

Line engraving. Lined, banded, and ornamental border of arched lines. Highly stained. On paper.

B. & M. Swan watch paper.

Line-engraving. Watchmaker name in banner above and below which is a spray of leaves with berries. Lined and ornamental border that depicts sun rays. Purple and black ink on paper.

Charles Munroe clock & watch maker Exchange Street Portland, Me.

Engraved watch paper with decorative border. Text reading "Merchants Bank Building" has been crossed out.

D.N. Dole, clock & watch maker, Hallowell. Seals, keys, &c.

Watch paper with decorative border.

5.5 cm. diameter

Inscribed on verso: 4-2-27

Daniel G. Hall watch paper.

Line-engraving. Lyre with spray of leaves in center, surrounded by ornamental border around which reads "Watch & Clock Maker." Watchmaker name and address surround larger ornamental border in center. Banded border with shadow. On paper.

Daniel N. Dole, clock & watch maker, Hallowell, (Me.) seals, keys & trinkets

Watch paper with decorative borders.

Inscribed on verso: Nov. 18th 1819 page 92

5.4 cm. diameter

E. Davis, Gardiner, Maine

Watch paper in the design of a watch face.

Inscribed on verso: June 24th 1829 cleaned

5.4 cm. diameter

Edmund Mooers clock and watch maker Bath. A variety of jewellry for sale.

Engraved watch paper with lined and triangular borders.

Inscribed on verso: Sold May 15th 1819