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Anthony Williamson watch & clock maker Marshfield

Engraved watch paper with lined borders.

Inscribed on verso: Nov. 1829 clean'd 74 5-7-30 on spring $1.25

David Osborn, watch & clock maker, Lenox

Engraved watch paper with lined decoration and a freemasonry symbol at top.

Neilson watch & clock maker Purchase Street Boston.

Engraved watch paper with image of a woman standing with an anchor at her feet and a beehive at left. Trees are seen at right.

Text continues: Chronomitor repeeting. Horizontal & lever watches, carefully repaired.

Inscribed on verso: 3J119

Watches made and carefully repaired by F. Metcalf Hopkinton, Mass.

Engraved watch paper printed in red ink with decorative border.

Inscribed on verso: July 10th 1816 67 cents.

T.B. Mason watch maker. Framingham, Mass.

Engraved watch paper. Two copies. One printed in red ink, the other in green ink. Has image of a sun at center.

Text continues around border: Clocks and watches of evry description faithfully cleaned, repaired and warranted.

Copy 1 has…

John McClure, clock & watch-maker 18 Union St. Boston.

Engraved watch paper printed on red coated paper. Includes image of Father time holding an hourglass and scythe with text below: Time rapid flies improved man The longest life is but a span.

Text continues around border: Clocks, time-pieces &…

Albert Jones watch maker Greenfield, Mass. Watches repd. & warranted.

Engraved watch paper printed on orange coated paper. Has leaf decorations and triangular border.