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A. Hastings watch & clock maker Bath N.H.

Engraved watch paper printed in blue ink. Includes image of a woman holding a set of scales in her proper right hand and a sword in her proper left. An each holds a shield, arrows and a branch at left. A pocket watch hangs at center.

Inscribed on…

Geo. Ham clock & watch maker Portsmouth N.H. State Street.

Engraved watch paper with image of a woman sitting outdoors with an animal resting its head in her lap. Has a decorative border.

Inscribed on verso: Mr. Wiley Dec 17, 1824

George Prince. Watch maker New Market, N.H.

Engraved watch paper on blue coated paper with images of clock mechanisms.

Inscribed on verso: Clean'd $1.00

G.G. Brewster, watch & clock maker, Portsmouth, N.H.

Engraved watch paper with image of an eagle holding a pocket watch in its beak and arrows and a branch in his claws. Includes decorative border.

6 cm. diameter

James C. Cole watch maker Rochester N.H.

Watch paper with decorative border.

Inscribed on verso: Mr. Byell Decr. 20th 1823.

5.3 cm. diameter

Jesse M. Young watch paper.

Candia Village, NH.
Printed. Border of type ornaments. Not cut as circle but as octagon. On blue paper. Note: Scrap of earlier line-engraved watch paper removed from verso.

S. Woodbury watch paper.

Line-engraving, signed by "L.R.Benton [?]." Spray of leaves below watchmaker name. Above address reads "Gold & Silver Smith." Lined and ornamental border of flowers and vines. Part of left side of design lost due to abrasion. Design repeated on back.…

Norman Wilson watch paper.

Printed. Below watchmaker address reads "Watches, Jewelry, Spoons, & c." Border of type ornaments. Orange and black ink on paper.

Norman Wilson watch paper.

Line-engraving. Below watchmaker name reads "Watches Repd. & Warranted." Banded, lined, and scalloped border. Part of right side cut away. Green and black ink on paper.