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S.W. Stockton clock & watch maker no. 371 North Front St. opposite Green Philada.

Engraved watch paper printed in blue ink. Includes images of a clock, ships and a beehive.

Text continues: Clocks watches, chains, seals, keys &c on reasonable terms. Clocks & watches, warranted to perform one year.

Ward & Cox silversmiths & watch makers 145 Chesnut Street north side a few doors above Fourth Street Philada.

Engraved watch paper with geometric border.

Inscribed on verso: 10-21-13

5.2 cm. diameter

Jehu Ward silversmith & watch maker 42 Market Street south side 6th door below Second Street Philada.

Engraved watch paper with geometric border.

Inscribed on verso: 6 5 1822

5.1 cm. diameter

Samuel Huckel clock & watch maker no. 38 South above Front St. Philada.

Includes image of a steam boat and a sailboat on the water, with two men facing each other in the foreground.

Inscribed on verso: 978 b

5.2 cm. diameter

William Gaw watch maker 241 South Second St. opposite the new market Philad.

Includes a floral and geometric border.

Inscribed on verso: March 20th 181[illegible]

5.5 cm. diameter

M. Attmore clock & watch maker s.e. corner of Chesnut & Front sts. Philada.

Includes image of a woman sitting beside a pedestal, holding a tablet with a clock on it which reads "The hand of time moves steady on nor waits for finite man." Atop the pedestal is a globe.

"Watches & clocks carefully repaired. Chains, seals,…

William Headman watch paper.

Address: No. 29 South 8th Street, Philadelphia. Description: Line-engraving. Below watchmaker name reads "Successor to Thomas Voigt. Clock & Watch Maker. Chronometers Adjusted." Lined and ornamental border of overlapping arched lines. On green paper.…

Aime Brandt watch paper.

129 North Second, Near Race Street, Philadelphia.
Line-engraving. Woman resting her proper left hand on large anchor and holding up pocket watch with her proper right. Foliage at left above space with watchmaker name and address. Banded and…

Jehu & Wm. L. Ward watch paper.

42 Market Street, South Side, 6th door below Second, Philadelphia.
Line-engraving? Below watchmaker name reads "Silversmiths and Watch Makers." Lined and ornamental border of small circles and triangles. On paper.