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John McClure, clock & watch-maker 18 Union St. Boston.

Engraved watch paper printed on red coated paper. Includes image of Father time holding an hourglass and scythe with text below: Time rapid flies improved man The longest life is but a span.

Text continues around border: Clocks, time-pieces &…

Watches & jewelry by Amos Sawyer Salem.

Engraved watch paper with image of an eagle holding a banner in its beak with a scythe and compass below it. At bottom are two allegorical female figures, each holding a watch, with the sun seen between them.

Inscribed on verso: March 26 1829

Jno. McFarlane, watch maker no. 50 Cornhill, Boston

Engraved watch paper showing Father Time seen hovering above a merman and mermaid that sit in an open shell. The merman holds a trident and a pocket watch.

Inscribed: April 9th

John H. Eaton, watch and clock maker, no. 20 Devonshire Street, Boston

Image of an angel holding a scythe.

5.5 cm. diameter

Printed in red ink.

Inscribed on verso: March 17 1824

William H.J. Read watch paper.

40 Chesnut Street, Philadelphia.
Line-engraving. Father Time, holding scythe, under a tree amongst ruins. Skull, hourglass, watch, and caduceus at bottom. Leaves and banner that reads "Jewellery [sic], Chains, Seals, Keys & Watches," surround oval…

Jacob S. Kimball watch paper.

Line-engraving. Father Time, with small watch in palm of his proper left hand, and holding scythe around which hangs a cloth with watchmaker name and address in his proper right. View of cabins below cloth. Banded and scrolled border. On paper.

William Jepson watch paper.

No. 10 Elm Street, Boston.
Line-engraving. Three cherubs surround watch on platform. Left cherub holding teapot above watch, middle one holding ribbon with trinkets above head, right one holding hourglass and scythe. Over left cherub "Octb. 1835"…

John Hilton watch paper.

22 Cow Green, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Line-engraving. Father Time with scythe, skeleton, atop tombstone that reads "O Death Where is Thy Sting, O Grave Where is thy Victory," and watchmaker name and address. Trees, monument, and lightning, with…

Henry DuCommon watch paper.

No. 127, North 3d Street, Philadelphia.
Line-engraving. Father Time with scythe, driving chariot led by two horses at night, with moon in sky. Wheel of chariot in form of a clock face. Banner at top of image reads watchmaker name. Banded and…

Benjamin and Ellis Clark watch paper.

No. 1, South East corner of Front & Market Streets, Philadelphia.
Line-engraving. Father Time with scythe and a banner that reads "Fashionable chains, seals, keys & trinkets," at top. "No. 1" within a sun burst design at center. Banded border. On…