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A.W. Carpenter watch paper.

Line-engraving. Seated cherub, surrounded by foliage, leaning on clock and holding a small watch in his proper left hand. Ship in background, on right. Banded and ornamental border that depicts sun rays and within which reads "Clocks & Watches...…

All kinds of watches & clocks repaired by James Fales N.Port, R.I. Nautical instruments repaired and adjusted.

Engraved watch paper with image of a woman holding a pole with a liberty cap on it sitting on a rock by the sea shore. A ship is seen in the distance.6 cm. diameterInscribed on verso: Mon Nov. [illegible]

Anonymous watch paper.

Woodcut. Standing warrior, holding spear in his proper right hand and shield in his proper left, looking back at ocean, ship, and smiling sun at right. Sickle, telescope, compass, and ladder on ground. Trees and buildings in background, at left.…

Anonymous watch paper.

Graphite and watercolor. Seated woman holding compass in her proper right hand, with beehive at her feet, on left, and anchor behind her, on right. Ship in background on right. Green leaves at top. Band of green and blue at bottom. Scalloped-edged.…

Bellows watch paper.

Woman in center with index finger pointed up, and leaning on large anchor that stands behind oval with watchmaker name and address. Three-masted ship in background. Banded and ornamental border. On paper.

Burnap & James watch & clock makers no. 25 Ann St. Boston

Includes decorative lined border with text running around it. Central image of a ship at sea.

"To make the watch go slower turn the regulator the same way you wind up and to go faster the contrary."

5.2 cm. diameter

Inscribed on verso: 3m…

E. Jones watch & clock maker no. 10 Ann Street Boston

Watch paper with circular border and image of an allegorical female figure, Justice, holding scales and a sword. A ship is seen on the water in the distance.

Inscribed on verso: 1408

5.6 cm. diameter

E. Jones watch & clock maker no. 10 Ann Street Boston

Engraved watch paper with image of a woman holding a sword and scales in her hand. A ship is seen in the background at left. Beaded border. Printed in blue ink.

5 cm. diameter

J. Freeman watch paper.

Printed. Cut of small ship in center. Inside border of type ornaments around which reads "Clocks & Watches Repaired, and Warranted, at Short Notice." Banded and lined border. On paper.

Jas. A. Foxcroft watch & clock maker 37 1/2 South Street Calvert Baltimore.

Engraved watch paper with image of an eagle holding a banner and watch with a clock at bottom. In the background is a view of a ship.

Inscribed on verso: 12/1827

6 cm. diameter