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  • Tags: Willard, Virginia Wohlbrück, 1903-1994

Mabel, Virginia and Gretchen Wohlbrück

Portrait of Mabel Wohlbrück sitting in an armchair with daughter Gretchen sitting on her lap. Oldest daughter Virginia stands at left, resting her proper left arm on the chair.

Virginia Wohlbrück

Portrait of Virginia Wohlbrück seen sitting on a stool beside a wood armchair.

Virginia and Gretchen Wohlbrück

Image of Virginia and Gretchen Wohlbrück. Gretchen is seen sitting in an armchair and Virginia stands beside the chair.

Virginia and Gretchen Wohlbrück

Image of Virginia Wohlbrück standing beside an armchair. Her sister Gretchen sits in the chair. They look at each other and smile.

Virginia, Gretchen and Theodore Jr. in a wagon

Image of Virginia, Gretchen and Theodore Wohlbrück Jr. seen sitting in a wagon in a field of tall grass. Each child holds a small bouquet of daisies.