The collection of Grant-Burr Family Papers contains over five hundred letters written between 1827 and 1892. Central to the collection is the correspondence between Daniel Grant (1818-1892) and his wife Caroline Burr Grant (1820-1892). The letters of these articulate and well-educated New England families discuss their experiences in westward expansion, early female seminaries, courtship, marriage, childrearing, missionary activity, the California Gold Rush, and the Civil War.


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Readers can browse transcribed and pdf versions of the original papers by box and folder [more...]


Using the site

Readers can browse transcribed and pdf versions of the original papers by box and folder as they would in a traditional manuscript collection.  Because of AAS’s continued attempts to make its collections accessible to the public, readers will find that the site allows for much more flexibility and freedom than a traditional manuscript collection does. 

Readers can search by keyword or subject heading or use the index, which is arranged by correspondent.  The index may be the easiest way to access the collection digitally, as it brings together transcribed letters, images, and basic biographical information for each correspondent.  By clicking on the name of each correspondent, readers will be taken to a chronological index of the letters held in this online collection.  From there, they will be able to access digitized images of the correspondents, transcribed letters, and downloadable pdf letters from the boxes indexed.  Readers interested in linking directly to an indexed letter should click on the “link to transcribed letter.” Readers interested in getting the context of the folder from which the letter comes should click on “link to PDF”, which will take them to the entire folder.  Readers will also find a family history page that outlines the basic genealogical information on the Grant, Burr, and Cowles families.  Scholars interested in further research will discover a brief bibliography that will start them on their exploration into research on this exciting family.

Please note: This site features letter transcriptions of the original primary sources held by AAS.



Author Index

Banister, Zilpah Polly Grant | index pdf | image 1 | image 2

Grant, Elijah | index pdf | image

Burgess, Ebenezer | index pdf

Grant, Elijah Phelps | index pdf

Burgess, Mary Grant | index pdf

Grant, Elizabeth Phelps | index pdf | image

Burr, Abigail E. | index pdf | image

Grant, Gertrude Day | index pdf

Burr, Almon Whitney | index pdf | image 1 | image 2 | image 3

Grant, James Marcus | index pdf | image

Burr, Caroline Lynette | index pdf | image

Grant, Joel | index pdf | image

Burr, Erastus | index pdf | image

Grant, John | index pdf | image 1 | image 2

Burr, Pamela Benton | index pdf | image

Grant, John Cowles | index pdf

Burr, Ralph E. | index pdf

Grant, Susan Jenkins Boyd | index pdf

Burton, Elizabeth Grant | index pdf

Hill, Caroline Roby | index pdf | image | image 2

Burton, Mary Elizabeth | index pdf

Hill, Mary Burr | index pdf | image

Burton, William | index pdf | image

Burton, William | index pdf | image

Hill, Samuel B. | index pdf

Grant, Abigail Fidelia Cowles | index pdf | image

Hill, William Henry | index pdf

Grant, Caroline Benton Burr | index pdf | image 1 | image 2

Wallis, Susan Jane | index pdf | image 1 | image 2

Grant, Daniel | index pdf | image

Wright, Mary Pamela Benton Hill | index pdf

Grant, Edward Burr | index pdf

Miscellaneous Correspondents | index pdf | images

Bittersweet (place) | image 1 | image 2 Litchfield Hills (place) | image