The Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, 1880-2008

April 2008, Volume 118, Part 1

  • Herron, Jr., John, "Proceedings of the Semiannual Meeting." (7-8) View PDF
  • "Report of the Council." (9-21) View PDF
  • Cockrell, Dale, "H. Wiley Hitchcock." (23-25) View PDF
  • McCorison, Marcus A., "Kenneth G. Leach." (25-36) View PDF
  • Tate, Thad W., "Clarence L. Ver Steeg." (36-38) View PDF
  • McFeely, William S., "Taking a Look at 'Grant' Twenty-Five Years Later." (39-54) View PDF
  • Valeri, Mark, "Providence in the Life of John Hull: Puritanism and Commerce in Massachusetts Bay, 1650-1680." (55-116) View PDF
  • Schweiger, Beth Barton, "Alexander Campbell's Passion for Print: Protestant Sectarians and the Press in the Trans-Allegheny West." (117-154) View PDF
  • Moats, Sandy, "The Limits of 'Good Feelings': Partisan Healing and Political Futures During James Monroe's Boston Visit of 1817." (155-191) View PDF

October 2008, Volume 118, Part 2

  • Brown, Richard D., "Proceedings of the Semiannual Meeting." (199-204) View PDF
  • Dunlap, Ellen Smith, "Report of the Council." (205-206) View PDF
  • "Report of the Treasurer." (207-231) View PDF
  • Hench, John B., "Frederick Edward Bauer, Jr." (233-236) View PDF
  • Wood, Charles B., "Philip Charles Beals." (237-239) View PDF
  • Miles, Ellen G., "Silvio Anthony Bedini." (239-241) View PDF
  • "Neil Macneil." (242-243) View PDF
  • Joyce, William L., "Robert M. Warner." (243-245) View PDF
  • Delorey, Janet Ireland, "Genevieve Rogers Weeks Ireland." (245-246) View PDF
  • Davis, David Brion, "Re-Examining the Problem of Slavery in Western Culture." (247-266) View PDF
  • Hall, David D., "Scribal Publication in Seventeenth-Century New England: A Second Checklist." (267-296) View PDF
  • Johnson, Joel A., "'Brutus' and 'Cato' Unmasked: General John Williams's Role in the New York Ratification Debate, 1787-88." (297-337) View PDF
  • Whitesell, David R., "The Harvard College Library and Its Users, 1762-1764: Reassessing the Relevance of Colonial American College Libraries." (339-405) View PDF
  • McKitterick, David, "Books for Barbados and the British Atlantic Colonies in the Early Eighteenth Century: 'A Catalogue of Books to Be Sold by Mr. Zouch'." (407-465) View PDF

April 2007, Volume 117, Part 1

  • Herron Jr., John, "Proceedings of the Semiannual Meeting." (7-9) View PDF
  • Dunlap, Ellen S., "Report of the Council." (11-24) View PDF
  • Moltke-Hansen, David, "Elizabeth Fox-Genovese." (25-27) View PDF
  • Wood, Gordon S., "Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr." (27-30) View PDF
  • Hall, David D., "Henri-Jean Martin." (30-32) View PDF
  • Litwack, Leon F., "Winthrop D. Jordan." (32-35) View PDF
  • Marty, Martin E., "Righteous Empire Revisited." (37-60) View PDF


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